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I owe you

Hello my Glamourites,

MY APOLOGIES, life got a little crazy for awhile in the spring as it was my last couple months before I graduated from university. 44 more words

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I told him I had nothing to be sorry for. I had always clearly and concisely communicated what I needed from him and from our relationship to be happy. 533 more words


Die Young

I am a failure
And I am screwed

I am barely making it through
And nothing is good enough.

The dreams I talk about
I will never reach them. 44 more words



I once knew a woman who apologized all the time. If she called you on the phone, she’d start with, “Sorry to bother you.” If she walked through the door ahead of you, she’d apologize for that. 267 more words



I still feel like my world is falling apart and on the verge of tears.  Again at an appointment, I needed to make the case why I shouldn’t be in the hospital.   488 more words

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Be open, let your feelings be known, say how you really feel, leave the job you hate, find your real passion, share love unconditionally with every fiber of your being, stand up for those things that truly matter, never, ever settle and don’t apologize for who you are or what you believe. 9 more words

David Harrison Levi

Three Reasons to Own Your Mistakes and Apologize (at Home and at Work)

In my former life as a perfectionist, I found apologizing very difficult. Apologizing meant I had done something wrong, hence admitting to my imperfection. Mistakes were to be covered up or justified, so that I could hope to fool others into continuing to think I was perfect (not that they actually did to begin with). 450 more words


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This Short Life has an opinion on making mistakes and apologizing. I have thought about this topic a lot today and cannot understand how folks view apologizing as being weak. Help me to understand...