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My First True Love

My sister Stefanne



why was I mean to you
was it sibling rivalry


I told you dad left

when you were born

I don’t know why I lied… 481 more words


Trump Lies Often, With Great Zeal, and Never Apologizes

Why would America put up with this bragger, liar, and bigot

Trump lied about an alleged CNN poll which supposedly showed he was within 2 points  of Obama. 373 more words

The Horrible Homemaker

I start my dream job on Monday and I am so thrilled! I miss being in a big, creative, bustling city. I miss being around other writers and designers. 325 more words



Im 16 and I cant believe Im fallin for a girl, I learned what is love, real love, forreal. Im just triyin to say , I want this girl, forever, for the last of my days, for infinity and beyond, I will fight for she, for her apologize , for her chance, I know she never will read that so im calmed now, im not so inspired today but I dont care, im thinkin 24/7 about she about our moments about her lips, her eyes, her hair damn all of she is beauty, im afraid about she find other boy maybe she is doin now but she knows im the only one who can love her this way, if is not love im just stupid you are looking for somebody but im looking for you and i swear again i will have your love , but this situation is so hard… 47 more words


National Kiss And Make Up Day: Top 5 Ways To Apologize

Alright Bull Nation, being that today is National Kiss & Make Up day, we wanted to help you make amends with people that you care about. 523 more words


Is that supposed to be an apology?

So now the story has gone from Professor Sandmann cancelling surgery, to the anesthetist “Dr. Fahrner” cancelling surgery, to now the admission made by Mrs. Evans that she panicked and came home still citing “heart irregularities”. 450 more words

There's a difference between the posts and the comments

By soliciting the help of two highly esteemed ladies in the community who had worked hard to help raise money for supposed “life saving surgery”, Mrs. 712 more words