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Arijith Singh Apologizes to Salman on FB

Arijith Singh Apologizes to Salman on FB

Late on Tuesday night there was drama on FB, singer Arijit Singh posted a Facebook note apologizing to actor Salman Khan and pleaded to retain his song in Sultan.……Read More……..

Make Your 'Sorry' Matter: Apologize Effectively

There have been so many times when we have said or done things in a lighter tone or when we were not aware what our words would sound like, and that ends up hurting someone. 390 more words


Speaks To Me Sunday #51

Ever find yourself in a disagreement with someone?

Ever feel so completely convinced that you are right?

Ever been totally blindsided by the fact that you were actually in the wrong and you have hurt someone you care about? 306 more words



if I apologize

its because I know

I fucked up; just

accept it or ill

take it back.


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New trending GIF tagged cartoon sorry nothing sorry...

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Slip Of The Tongue

Have you ever had anyone copy or mimic a behavior you’ve done before?

I don’t have to be careful.

I don’t have to hide any secrets. 284 more words

Mind Fuck

Post 6: I overreacted, I engaged-I'm human and have feelings.

It’s hard to stay emotionally constant, especially with middle school students, though I try really hard to do so. My student (we’ll call her Kay) is an emotional child, who struggles to trust adults, but we generally have a semi-descenti- 682 more words