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The Closest Thing to an Apology They'll Ever Get

Shame is a useless feeling. It makes you want to kill yourself, but in a way that you premeditate it to make sure you don’t leave a stain. 621 more words

Food for Thought

Is an apology really an apology if the person feels no remorse? 

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Lyrics 101

Mais um vídeo pessoal!!!

As más línguas dizem que não sei letras de músicas… decidi averiguar a veracidade de tal informação. Vejam por vocês próprios o que normalmente acontece quando começo a cantarolar uma música! 22 more words


Episode # 027 - Is It Too Late To Say Sorry?


As a follow up to Criticism v Advice, we talk about saying sorry to your spouse. We all know that it seems like the hardest thing to do, but we discuss why that is… and why we hate doing it. 51 more words


To Our Small But Loyal Fanbase...

As some may have noticed, all the Order of Vigilance and associated spin-off titles have been removed.

It is with deepest regrets that I inform you that the series will no longer continue due to personal matters. 74 more words

''Choose To Apologize''

Sincere apologies are for those that make them, not for those to whom they are made.” ~Greg LeMond

When I was growing up, every time I took my sister’s toy or called my brother names, my mother would grab me by the wrist and demanded that I offer an apology. 772 more words

Lucky Fucking Me

“He doesn’t hit you, so it can’t be that bad.”  Words from a friend that I thought was on my side.  I don’t tell anyone what goes on in my marriage, from the beginning we both said it was no one’s business, and I still agree with that, but I was about ready to burst.  610 more words