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3 Ways to Say Sorry Like You Mean It

There is no other word that is so easy to say and to undermine simultaneously as ‘sorry’.  For when we say sorry and quickly follow it with ‘but’ or ‘however’ or any other modifiers or qualifications like inmates shackled together, it is no longer a heartfelt apology. 621 more words


Three Things to NEVER Do When You Apologize

I’m going to keep this article relatively short.

A couple weeks ago, some stupid and unnecessary actions from a couple of my friends got me thinking about the way men apologize. 350 more words


Jennifer Lawrence Won't Apologize For Leaked Pole Dancing Video

Jennifer Lawrence WON’T apologize for a leaked video of her pole dancing at a strip club.

A video of Jennifer Lawrence pole dancing showed up online yesterday. 50 more words


Saying Sorry

I saw something on Facebook today that got me thinking. It was a picture that said “You want them to be sorry, which is why you are miserable.” Truer words never said. 321 more words


Part 3 – Three Commitments That Successful Wives Make

With the hope of helping, most women feel compelled to give advice to their friends and loved ones who are struggling in their marriages. In several narrations, the Prophetﷺ  also encouraged believers to give advice to each other, providing that the advice imparted… 1,897 more words

Islamic Wife Coaching

Dear Friend...

Every evening before the beginning of the weekend, my best friend calls me and asks whether this weekend can we go somewhere? And each time I cancel off, not in a harsh way, but somehow manage. 993 more words

How Are You At Apologizing?

How are you at apologizing? Do you recognize when you need to apologize for your actions or does it have to be pointed out to you? 105 more words