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Amazing Viral Apology

Apology For You knows how important it is to make amends. There is no telling how many relationships and friendships have ended, all because nobody would apologize. 208 more words


10 Times You Should Apologize

Sometimes it’s hard to put our pride aside and apologize to loved ones when we’ve hurt them. Jasmine Sanders lets you know the top 10 times when you probably should put that pride aside and say sorry. 47 more words

Life & Style

Dropping The F-Bomb...Part I

One of the hardest sentences for me to let escape through my lips has got to be “I forgive you.” Part of this may be because most people don’t know how to give a proper apology…. 480 more words

Apology and Explanation

I’m sorry I am doing this to you.

I cannot help the effects of what I did not cause.

I cannot change your feelings.

I cannot change my feelings. 57 more words

Freshman Year

Three Reasons To Apologize (2015)

1. Truly sorry.
2. Sort of sorry.
3. Have to be sorry.
Always sought-
When caught.


Beyond the words "I'm Sorry"

My boyfriend (now husband) almost broke up with me after playing a Sorry game  because  he didn’t think I was sorry when I said, “Sorry”  He was probably right, we are very competitive and I was likely happy I was winning and not sorry at all.:) 435 more words

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The Islanders - Part 19

“That was a one-time thing,” Cari said. “It wasn’t going to last.”

“Well, that’s just great,” Brent said angrily. “You lead me on and then drop me.” 1,072 more words