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Forgiveness and Simplicity 

I’m in love with this life of simplicity. Of course I hold onto the past still. Though I am trying to keep it at a minimal. 608 more words

Simple Living

Dear Senator, You've Gone Full Trump

Oh Ms. Beyak,

It’s been about ten days since I wrote to you. ¬†I’m willing to bet you were hoping it would just all go away, in fact, your comments (where you consistently refer to yourself in the third person) to the CBC in… 1,573 more words


Naturally Unapologetic

She cannot apologize for her nature,
Not when Earth doesn’t regret her own.
She’s not sorry for the rain that leaves her eyes
Or for the storm she craves after nights… 152 more words


This Fitness Blogger Apologized To Everyone For Sharing Photos Of Her 'Bad Angle' And 'Good Angle'

Instagram is a weird environment of pseudo-positivity, where skinny fitness models take photos of their nonexistent rolls or flecks of cellulite to prove to their followers that they’re just “normal people.” While the intentions behind these photos are often commendable, and typically have pure intentions, the reaction for many women is: “Wow, I don’t even look like the ‘bad’ photo in this scenario.” 296 more words


Honesty is best

Tonight I spoke with my children my next lesson.

To the girls I said:

If you girls gotta pick someone to marry in the future, you better make sure that person has been honest with you. 427 more words


I've Owned It!

I apologized more then once

I said I was sorry

You apologized for saying what you said

I accepted it

Your still calling me critical… 58 more words