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Dance Queen, Kaffy apologizes for lashing out at artistes who disrespect dancers

Dance entrepreneur, Kaffy took to her IG page earlier today to slam artistes who request for dancers to perform with them on stage but arrogantly disrespect and cancel at the last minute. 295 more words


Clinton staffer curses Trump for Khan comment, apologizes

Sunday a Hillary Clinton campaign staffer lost his cool after Donald Trump said that Army Capt. Humayun Khan would still be alive had he been president when Khan was fighting in Iraq. 177 more words

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Trump Apologizes for Vulgar Comments About Women Recorded in 2005 - NBC News

Question: ‘How do you know Donald Trump is lying?’ Answer: ‘His lips move’


‘I said it. I was wrong and I apologize,’ Donald Trump said in a video message posted on Facebook just after midnight on Saturday following the release of a 2005 tape that captured him making lewd comments about women. 12 more words


Trump defiantly apologizes after lewd remarks about women revealed

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump scrambled to prevent his campaign from falling apart early on Saturday with a hastily prepared video statement expressing regret for making lewd comments about women. 673 more words

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Donald Trump apologizes for aggressive, crude comments - POLITICO

A 3 second apology and a 90-second video that went on the attack and said that this was nothing but a mere distraction. If it’s a mere distraction then why are you making a video about it why are you apologizing for the first time in your life? 31 more words

Philippines’ Duterte apologizes at synagogue for Hitler remark

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte visited a synagogue in the Manila metropolis Tuesday to personally apologize to the Jewish community for making a “terribly wrong” comparison between his anti-drug campaign and Hitler and the Holocaust in a recent speech. 306 more words

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HP apologizes for firmware update that blocks third-party inks

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HP apologizes for firmware update that blocks third-party inks

HP has apologized for its handling of a recent printer firmware update that has rendered many customers’ OfficeJet inkjet printers inoperable if they were using third-party ink cartridges, even if these cartridges had previously functioned. 258 more words