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Globules Marble

Apophysis 7x, Un-Retouched

You know when you haven’t made a marble in a while, when you’re sitting there doing tech support at the aunt’s and both she and mom chime in with, “you know it’s been forever since you’ve made one of those sort of globe things you post…” 124 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Techno Generator

It’s the ultimate fusion source! Ultimate power, more than enough to generate light and heat for all! While it’s not yet a reality, this power source eliminates dependence on fossil fuels forever! 35 more words

Graphic Art


While looking for an approach to my next attempt at digital painting, and figuring out what to do with the stock photographs I’d already shot, I stumbled upon a little something that had been hiding away in the recesses of my memory. 198 more words


Where I end, and you begin

There is a gap inbetween

Where I end, and you begin


Swirls in Light Marble

Apophysis 7x (r15), Un-Retouched

A little something I made last night while I was reading through some of the instructions while trying to figure out JWildfire. 22 more words


Paint Swirls Marble

Apophysis 7x (R15), Un-Retouched

Another fun render while I was busy throwing the mouse around the house so that the cat could do his usual leaps through the air and I was listening to a radio episode of The Green Hornet.