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Serious warning!

This YouTube video is directed towards ministers/pastors who are living extremely well from the tithes, offerings, and more offerings, of their flock.

There are so many people who are really struggling, yet are still expected to tithe, and are not given any help. 147 more words


Oh Snap! Oprah Winfrey's Anti-Christian Meltdown on TV. (Old Recording)

A Christian member of the audience explains her personal faith in Jesus, when Oprah takes offense and says Jesus is not the way.  The audience proceeds to correct her.


Rapture and Repentance

The Rapture Is Imminent and We Need To Repent and Be Ready


This video is so honest and moving.

Get ready! Jesus is coming back soon! 19 more words


Interview with the Anti-Caliph

Yesterday evening, I interviewed the Anti-Caliph of Uppsala, who is a former Muslim, and now a defender of Western civilization. You can watch the interview here: 35 more words

Towards a One World Religion

I had this dream on 13/09/2017

God’s judgement on the pastors will be more severe than that of the people.

I dreamt I was talking with some people about the apostasy, and how God’s judgement on the pastors will be more severe than that of the people. 850 more words


Rewards for remaining faithful

When it’s difficult, lonely or painful to see the current deception.

In Rev 2 and 3, where Jesus writes to the seven churches, there are so many parallels to the modern day church. 563 more words


Westminster Confession Of Faith - Lord's Day 49

Westminster Confession Of Faith – Lord’s Day 49

Chapter 30 – Of Church Censures
I. The Lord Jesus, as king and head of his Church, has therein appointed a government in the hand of Church officers, distinct from the civil magistrate. 185 more words