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Q.  What does breaking the Sabbath have in common with witchcraft, cursing parents, offering your children to Molech, committing adultery and other sexual sins? Lev. 20… 1,361 more words


A Letter Concerning Muslim Toleration

ISTANBUL — Over the past decade, headlines from the Middle East have reintroduced Westerners to terms from centuries past. “Heresy,” “blasphemy,” “apostasy” — these are some of the charges that the radical Salafist group known as the Islamic State invokes when it executes its enemies, sometimes by crucifying or burning them alive. 217 more words


Once Saved, Always Saved?...

…or can one’s salvation be lost?  Many Christians remain neutral in this argument. They  However, those who think this way are failing to realize the danger in being lenient on the matter. 1,798 more words