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Is Not Fasting a Freedom from Islam?

Earlier this morning, I came across a post by a budding ex-Muslim. He made a comment regarding Ramadan that I disagreed with and so I dropped a quick reply. 200 more words



Did my eyes deceive
And place a lens of roses
Over eyes that wanted to believe
In worlds that didn’t pay for windows
With a door that closes… 75 more words


For years now I have struggled with depression. In 2010 I attempted suicide. Thankfully, I wasn’t successful. It’s been a constant struggle, but leaving Christianity has helped immensely. 975 more words

I am Korihor

I recently had lunch with a good friend. For context this friend is not Mormon, but grew up in Utah. We spoke of the idea that atheism is not a kind of declaration of knowing there is not a god, but a lack of belief in a god or gods because of insufficient evidence. 4,175 more words


ANNALS of FAITH: How Great Is That Darkness

Not so very long ago, somewhere, far down and at the center, was a chasm, yawning wide and deep. Or, maybe it was more like a cauldron, bubbling and boiling above some infernal blaze gods only know what. 2,057 more words


Muslims Kill Non-Muslims in The Name of Jihad

Jihad in Arabic means perseverance. Jahada is to persevere and Mujahid is the one who perseveres. Some non-muslims misconceived that Jihad equals chopping non-muslims’ heads off and bombing churches. 1,622 more words


Blood Oaths

When I was twenty I went to the LDS temple for what is called an endowment. In Mormon lingo, the endowment is where you receive your “spiritual gifts”, that enable you to pass the sentinels and enter the presence of god. 441 more words