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The KillChain reviews the new Apostate Time Of Terror Album

Awesome review of the new Apostate Time Of Terror album by ThoseOnceLoyal.wordpress.com who say “Apostate’s sophomore album is a masterclass in sorrowful, lamenting doom majesty. This is a record that glowers from a lonesome peak at the dying world beneath, a single tear on its black cheek.” 17 more words


Apostate Time Of Terror review by Zombie Ritual Zine!

Victor of Zombie Ritual Zine says of the new Apostate Time Of Terror “We have here musicians with huge knowledge in doom/death metal genre and they know what they are doing. 31 more words

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8/10 Apostate Time Of Terror review by The Grim Tower Magazine!

“if you like a slightly technical mix of groovy doom, black and death metal with roaring vocals this album is a good bet” says TheGrimTower.com… 34 more words


Review: Apostate - Time of Terror

Ukrainian doomlords Apostate are unleashing their second record, ‘Time of Terror’ this year, following a five year gap since their debut ‘Trapped in a Sleep’. They’ve been together in some form on and off since 1995, but have been active mainly since 2009. 267 more words


Apostate - Time of Terror

 Doom metal is renowned as being slow and heavy as metal comes, and they’re right, but there aren’t a lot of bands that still cling onto that really old school doom that not many remember much less pull off exceedingly well. 123 more words

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Fat Tuesday/Ash Wednesday


We all got scars

On soul or skin

In churches or bars

We all got sin

In the public eye

Or held within

Raise a glass… 205 more words



Today, we live in a world that Apostle Paul would never have been able to imagine.Paul dealt with issues of false prophets coming into the church, but he never faced the quandary of today’s pastor, yet he knew what it was to come up against false prophets. 891 more words