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The apostate, pagan Pope? The murdered unborn suffer his silence...

He never mentioned the word ‘unborn.’ He never mentioned the word ‘abortion.’ Though he mentioned respect for human life in all stages, he ran from it immediately and dwelled on the death penalty. 309 more words

Social Teaching And Current Events

Sustained Persecution of Hussain family: 2000-2006

It hurts my heart to sit here and write about the hellish experience these past 15 years have been for my family. Those of you who read my very first blog post ‘Abnormal Normality’  ( … 1,405 more words


The Punishment of False Prophets and other Apostates Who Serve Idols (Deuteronomy 13:1 - 14:2)

Moses instructs the people to be aware of false prophets.  Even if they had previously given prophecy that came true, they were not to be believed if they suggested that Israelites should serve other gods.  172 more words

Biblical Reflections

All That I Have Commanded You - 4

We began this journey with the words of Jesus to his disciples as recorded in the gospel of Matthew and verse 20 in Matthew 28 says: “teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.” That means to know and understand what it is that we are to do as we live our lives today, the church was to teach all those things that Jesus had given them to teach so that those who would come later would know what it was what our God wanted from us in the way of Holy Living. 2,698 more words


Back to The Grind Week

After a several week hiatus, I am back at it! Several stories are coming down and will be back up on Saturday, better than ever!


The Town of Sound Doctrine

There is a giant vast land called Christianity.  In the heart of that land is a small yet very pleasant and beautiful town called Sound Doctrine.  658 more words


The 2008 Election and a Lost Friend

With all of the election stuff that is going on it got me to thinking last night back to the 2008 Presidential Election.  I was living down in Florida working as a forklift driver in a huge warehouse.  495 more words