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Abinadi Among the Mormons (part 3)

Part three of the series: Abinadi Among the Mormons (click here for part 1 and part 2)

“I recognize that my words are making you angry and that you refuse to accept them,” said Abinadi to the members of the High Council and Stake Presidency. 869 more words


Excerpt from THE PROTEST #12

Writing is another means for truth to escape, besides crawling out the hole it’s eaten in the author’s belly. Available on Amazon.


Of Cardamom And Ketchup

Quite the gag-worthy title, no? I suppose it warrants an explanation. It’s much easier to understand the opinions of a writer if you know where they’re coming from, and since I’m intent on continuing this blog for as long as possible, here’s a bit of my story. 489 more words



I’m an apostate

I have left that stained glass place

Where they preach amazing grace


Wary religion

Cannot look at me the same

I no longer share their name… 84 more words


Raw and Uncensored

Intoxicated again

off the wagon given

what’s left isn’t


what’s left

Is a shadow of

you loving me

and several hours of porn
convinced me your worthy… 10 more words


Abinadi Among the Mormons (part 2)

Part two of the series: Abinadi Among the Mormons. (Click here for part one)

Though the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tried for nearly two years to have Abinadi excommunicated, he remained in their midst, but kept mostly to himself. 991 more words


Abinadi Among the Mormons (part 1)

A couple of days ago I was reading in The Book of Mormon and I started to wonder what the message would be if these prophets were around in modern times. 858 more words