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First blog post

Hello to the extremely board, those with lots of free time, the searching, and the critics.

(those who appreciate the oxford comma!)

Not sure why you are here…but I myself can blame some mixture of self exploration, need for community, and a “hell, everyone else has a blog” attitude. 556 more words


Fuck Islam...

That’s right, I said it. Here, I’ll say it again – “Fuck Islam.” No one has the right to stop me. NO ONE WILL stop me, and furthermore, upon someone trying – all0w the education to commence. 2,542 more words

Poetry: Fallacy


The integrity

Imposed upon us by society is fallacy.


I can live that way and possess

A sense of arrogance for my apparent morality. 26 more words


Letter to Mormons (why I left)

I have felt morally compelled to leave the church for some time now, and though me being morally compelled may seem to contradict some principles you grew up with, I would love for you to understand even just a bit. 1,368 more words


What can you glean from Jacob and Esau?

Genesis 27

In this chapter of Genesis, Jacob steals a fathers blessing from his older brother Esau without any negative consequences, in fact, this story of God has the almighty condoning this activity by allowing the blessing to go through, even though it was intended for Esau and Isaac, the father, was too blind to tell. 1,075 more words


BHA Press

Blasphemy, Heresy & Apostasy Press – Independent Publisher 2016

Shining Light Upon Entrenched Dogma makes one a blasphemer, heretic or an apostate….if not all three!  Creating an independent publisher in this niche is an idea I had while putting my… 82 more words