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Julian by Gore Vidal, historical fiction done right

Julian is a story about a man, and just that is the greatest triumph of Vidals work. Be it a film or book about a significant historical figure, the figure is usually treated like a Ubermensch or Saint, ignoring the most interesting part, the contradictions and complexities of their person. 267 more words


The Greatest Betrayal

After I left the Mormon church, I went through a lot of anger and hurt. I didn’t know who I was without it at first. After all, it… 844 more words

Triggers & PTSD

No Fear Of False Cults

False cults did not take our Lord by surprise and they ought not to take you by surprise because this world is full of false cults and apostate Christians. 173 more words


Interview with the Anti-Caliph

Yesterday evening, I interviewed the Anti-Caliph of Uppsala, who is a former Muslim, and now a defender of Western civilization. You can watch the interview here: 35 more words

Salam aleikum ustaz, please why did islamic law support the killing of whoever abandon islam for any other religion???

Praise be to Allaah.

What is apostasy and what constitutes apostasy?

What is the ruling on the apostate (al-murtadd)?

1 – Riddah (apostasy) refers to when a Muslim becomes a disbeliever by saying a clear statement to that effect, or by uttering words which imply that (i.e., which imply kufr or disbelief), or he does something that implies that (i.e., an action which implies kufr or disbelief). 871 more words

Principles Of Fiqh

Keeping Friendships with Jehovah's Witness Alive

This is the challenge: Keeping friendships with Jehovah’s Witnesses alive. It should be your number one goal.

Yes, above winning an argument, or insisting on your “rights,” or getting your brilliant point expressed, or pointing out the logical absurdity of a JW teaching or practice, or even sharing the gospel. 531 more words

The truth is, I'm not OK

The last couple of months have took me to some deep places. I didn’t know why it went there, but it did. I believe, it is part of a healing process. 2,036 more words

Finish Line