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Falling Away

If God loves you like a father should,

He would know when something is not making you happy,

So if he loves you,

and wants you to be happy…… 15 more words


31. St. Eusebius 309

Pope Eusebius took over for Pope Marcellus in the midst of Christian in-fighting that had led to riots and bloodshed. The apostates that wanted back into the Church without serving proper penance now had a leader in a priest named Heraclius. 130 more words

The Powers of The World To Come

I believe I am the apostasy that precedes Antichrist. I do not want to deceive anyone. I want to be as honest as I can possibly be and yet still remain as a pertinent example of what to do and what not to do. 458 more words


Regarding money

Does God want or need our money?

http://bible.com/111/isa.1.10-13.nivHear the word of the Lord , you rulers of Sodom; listen to the instruction of our God, you people of Gomorrah!   599 more words


The Sunday Morning Special! "The Prostitute In The Mirror"

The Sunday Morning Special!

The Prostitute In The Mirror

What are our true motivations in giving offerings to God? Are they expressions of the pure love that a bride has for her husband? 93 more words


Lying Prophets and False Teachers

“The earth groans to bear such wicked men, and hell is fitted for them…one day divine justice will hang them up in hell as the greatest malefactors, unless the physician of souls graciously delivers them.” (Thomas Brooks) 692 more words

Gospel Preaching


For a few years, I have been reading various articles which put forth the question “Could Pope Francis be the False Prophet, spoken of in God’s Word?”  I would turn this over in my mind; sometimes thinking that he very well could be, but other times I just brushed it aside as a remote possibility. 4,842 more words