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Please, Tell Me Where I Sinned

So much has changed in the past two years.

Sometimes I wonder where I fit in terms of religion, particularly in the Mormon world. After a lot of self-reflection (sometimes I feel like that’s all I do, haha), I’ve come to this conclusion regarding my spirituality: 1,764 more words

Lloyd Evans' Memoir "The Reluctant Apostate" is open for Crowdfunding

Lloyd Evans of JWsurvey.org fame is one of the EXJW activists who helped me a lot in breaking free. Although he left the organization way after I did, his insightful articles and well-researched take on the Watchtower Society were the impulses I needed to finally rid myself of the undue influence that Jehovah’s Witnesses had on me even years after I left the Cult. 115 more words

Jehovah's Witnesses

My father. Part 2

My father – part 2

My mahram

He was my main mahram. A mahram is for a  woman a male who is so closely related to him you are forever forbidden to marry him and engage in sexual relations. 865 more words

Muhammad and paedophilia

Was Muhammad a paedophile?

Yes. I believe Muhammad was a paedophile .
Other people, evidently Muslims, will not think so. But before I get tirades of hate, let me explain why I think this. 1,909 more words

Apostate Polygamy

Religious Freedom, Illegal Polygamy, and Warren Jeffs

By Ken K. Gourdin

The following was posted at Mormon Dialogue and Discussion in response to a discussion about the treatment of children in Warren Jeffs’ polygamous religious group. 766 more words

Date Of Christ's Return Surprising

An evil imposter is waiting in the wings as it were, and he has answers that will astonish earthlings. The vast majority of the the earth’s inhabitants are not interested in knowing the truth, and this is the exact reason why they will swallow his bait hook, line and sinker. 445 more words