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ReBlogged from a Collection of 2000-year-old Blogs

Just to be sure you understand this format: when the 2000 year-old blog is being posted, the ‘reblog’ will be set apart as quotes, when the narrator is speaking it will appear as a typical post. 1,257 more words


Unusual end-times event? Solar eclipse and Blood moon happening close together

For those with an eye towards the end times, next week could prove interesting.

On Friday, March 20, 2015, there will be a total eclipse of the sun. 701 more words


Revelation blog post 21: Stop making sense

Revelation 5:6

The focus changes. A new star is about to enter centre stage. Make way for The Lion.

But hang on. This makes no sense. 360 more words


Pile of Rocks

Is it all just a pile of rocks?

Where are the men? Where are the women? Where are the disciples? What happened to us? We pile rocks upon rocks upon rocks to leave a mark. 466 more words

Destiny Challenge

True and false prophets. What did Jesus teach about this?

When we think of the great prophets of history and compare them to the men in my recent article ‘Gallery of Rogues’, it’s really chalk and cheese. 2,399 more words

Apostle John series, book 3 cover choice

I would like help please, in choosing a cover for book 3 in the Apostle John series, called ‘The Light of Truth’

Once again the cover images were supplied by… 466 more words


Faith Alone, the the Apostle John, and Shameless Popery

Does the Apostle John, and other Apostles, teach we need good works on top of faith in order to be saved? It is my contention, as a Christian layman as much as His grace allows me to speak the truth, that ultimately our good works are immaterial. 2,699 more words