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Lent Prayer - worrying our prayers away...

Worry. Hands up if you’ve worried about something already today? I have. Chances are you’ve worried about more than just one thing. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll have been worrying about something without even realising it. 630 more words


Against all Odds

A salmon is a migratory fish that swims from the ocean down the river to mate and reproduce and go back to the sea again. They never get lost.   500 more words

Southern Baptists Adopt Nazi Breeding Methods

“Abraham And The Three Angels” by Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari (1689)

The Bible has a lot to say about self control. All the way from the prophets in the Old Testament to the disciples in the New Testament, you can read about Godly men who chose to follow God rather than their lusts. 1,039 more words

Seventh Trumpet Sounds, part 1: Revelation 11:15 - Pastor David

The Seventh Trumpet in Revelation 11:15 is NOT the “last Trump,” of 1 Cor. 15:51-52, and it is NOT the “last Trump,” absolutely either, but ONLY relatively; for it is only the last of the particular series of seven seen in Revelation. 235 more words


There is no Distinction

I knew a young man in my college days who was convinced that the way of salvation was not open to Him. He had sinned in some apparently major way (or perhaps only in his mind) – the truth is it really doesn’t matter – I don’t think he actually told me.  213 more words

Author Interview: "Apostle Paul; A Polite Bribe" Part II

Tonight we are posting Part II of the Robert Orlando author interview for his book, the Apostle Paul: a Polite Bribe. As of this evening while I write this blog, over 1,100 of you have listened to Part I of the interview, which was posted last week. 299 more words


Romans blog post 10: Gospel power

Romans 1:16

When I was 16 I was baptised. My baptismal hymn was “I’m not ashamed to own my Lord or to defend his cause”. 282 more words