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Other Scriptures Regarding God's Sure Foundation

Over the last four posts (1, 2, 3, 4), we have been building a foundation … or rather, letting the Scriptures tell us what God’s sure foundation is and how to build on it. 823 more words

Literal Bible Series Book Four: Rightness.

Rightness is a more worldly concept of the world on righteousness like for those  like Israel and Paul before conversion, and according to II Timothy that have a zeal of God (religion) but there is no power of God within are going about to establish their own righteousness,  You might summarize rightness as (1) smartness in the ways of the world and the wisdom of the world; (2) having either all the answers or almost on life, morality, and religion. 648 more words

Literal Bible

Literal Bible Topic #4 Book.

SunGrist Literal Bible on

Son of Man/Son of God Expanded

Outline of the Literal Bible.         

  1. The Living God of the Living
  2. Righteousness of God and Man   
  3. 2,447 more words
Literal Bible

Thru the Bible 14a: Son of God/Son of Man.


NOTE:  To eliminate confusion progressing forward on Literal Bible, Thru the Bible, and Apostles and Prophets, the following numbering scheme will be used:  (a) thru the Bible is the basic literal Bible outline of 12 topics, 14a will be on top Topic #4 which is “God, Man, and the Son Man”  (Son of Man was a favorite name that the Lord Jesus Christ called Himself); (b) will be the expanded paraphrase of that topic; and (c) will be the Hebrew history of the period given by  Sampey in his wonderful “Heart of Hebrew History”. 1,953 more words

Thru The Bible


Part I:  Deuteronomy Bible and It’s NT Quotes Introduction.

This section of Bible based on Deuteronomy reminds us that the BIBLE IS ONE.  Even as the Trinity is the Godhead of three persons and “God is One”, so also the Bible is two major divisions of Old and New Testament with the Bible as One large Book from God of 66 books.  14,655 more words

Thru The Bible

The TrueDisciples Podcast - January in Review

The TrueDisciples Podcast (aka the TDP) has just recently completed our first month of podcasting. We had set a goal for ourselves to hit 500 plays for the month. 705 more words