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Just a Piece of Paper

Forever the statement will be etched in my memory…

We were hurriedly checking into a hotel in Jacksonville, FL trying to get into the room so that we could change from our travel clothes and get to a church service on time. 586 more words



1 Timothy 6:3-21 (CEB)

If anyone teaches anything different and doesn’t agree with sound teaching about our Lord Jesus Christ and teaching that is consistent with godliness, that person is conceited.

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A Crumb From The Master's Table

How to Hear God: With What Manner of Voice Does God Speak?

Been talking about this concept – that YOU can hear God speak.

For an example of whether God still speaks today – and how – here is a quick example: … 2,383 more words


REVIVAL IS COMING: The Spiritual Significance of the Seattle Earthquake

An evangelist acquaintance of mine by name of Chad Taylor, who is going to Seattle to conduct meetings (2/24/17-2/26/17) there has prior to this earthquake had a prophetic word regarding the lightning of God’s presence, and shakings in Seattle.   736 more words


The Seven Rivers of God: A Parable

There are seven subterranean rivers flowing from the same springing headwater.  These rivers encompass the whole earth, and split into many different springs to feed the land. 816 more words


Prophecy is Natural (pt. 2)

First Part: Prophecy is Natural (pt. 1)

In my first post by this title, I described one meaning of the title subject ‘Prophecy is Natural.’  In that context, I actually gave some definition for what prophecy is, marking the essential understanding that to prophesy is to use natural communication to convey spiritual Truths; I took the example of Jesus, Who used His very life to prophesy the identity of the Father – we also looked at a couple of Old Testament types that have passed away for the purpose of revealing how, why, and in what manner prophecy passes away.  1,292 more words


Why Everyone Needs a Sports Bra

Behold, the sports bra.

I don’t play sports anymore, but I keep one in my regular rotation, for various reasons. Since breasts are made entirely of glands, fat and connective tissue, there is no muscle to hold them down. 1,314 more words