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Apostrophe angst – knowing your “its” from your “it’s”

I’m putting my grammar Nazi hat on today. Don’t get me wrong. As an author of fiction as well as a copywriter for businesses, I fully appreciate that sometimes grammar rules are there to be broken. 670 more words


Why Christmas Card Season Makes Me Nervous.

Usually a few days after Thanksgiving, the holiday cards begin to arrive. I enjoy the cards with photos and Christmas letters alike (especially those from one friend who always offers a funny and subversive twist on the annual letter genre). 263 more words

Holy Ellipsis, Tilde! It's National Punctuation Day!

“Let’s eat grandma!”

Er, let’s not.

How about: “Let’s eat, grandma!”

As you can see, proper use of punctuation can actually save a life!

It’s National Punctuation Day…a time to celebrate those sometimes foreign-looking marks we see in writing. 823 more words


Sunday Snapshot - No, No, No!

Is it really Joshuas Creek? No, it is Joshua’s Creek. The Joshua’s Creek Trail runs alongside the creek and has a marker informing hikers that Joshua’s Creek is named after Joshua Leach (1776-1862), an early settler who built a house and a sawmill beside the creek during the 1820s. 139 more words

Sunday Snapshots

Sunday Snapshot

Cook’en?  Hmm … the designer was going for cookin’ but wanted to match the spelling of kitchen so she changed the i to an… 39 more words

Sunday Snapshots

Funny sign on a business

I really saw this sign, and had to go back with my camera.  It is a double FAIL.  The apostrophe police should be after them to start.  60 more words

Funny Sign