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Why Christmas Card Season Makes Me Nervous.

Usually a few days after Thanksgiving, the holiday cards begin to arrive. I enjoy the cards with photos and Christmas letters alike (especially those from one friend who always offers a funny and subversive twist on the annual letter genre). 263 more words

Holy Ellipsis, Tilde! It's National Punctuation Day!

“Let’s eat grandma!”

Er, let’s not.

How about: “Let’s eat, grandma!”

As you can see, proper use of punctuation can actually save a life!

It’s National Punctuation Day…a time to celebrate those sometimes foreign-looking marks we see in writing. 823 more words


Sunday Snapshot - No, No, No!

Is it really Joshuas Creek? No, it is Joshua’s Creek. The Joshua’s Creek Trail runs alongside the creek and has a marker informing hikers that Joshua’s Creek is named after Joshua Leach (1776-1862), an early settler who built a house and a sawmill beside the creek during the 1820s. 139 more words

Sunday Snapshots

Sunday Snapshot

Cook’en?  Hmm … the designer was going for cookin’ but wanted to match the spelling of kitchen so she changed the i to an… 39 more words

Sunday Snapshots

Funny sign on a business

I really saw this sign, and had to go back with my camera.  It is a double FAIL.  The apostrophe police should be after them to start.  60 more words

Funny Sign

Apostrophe Rape

Perhaps I’m slightly strange,
Or maybe ‘crazy’ is the word.
But this rape of the apostrophe
Is utterly absurd!

It makes me want to scream, 97 more words