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An Eloquent Death, A Confused Afterlife: Claudius, Gourd-God

The following excerpt is from a satirical essay called the “Apocolocyntosis”–the “gourdification”–attributed to Seneca the Younger  (by Cassius Dio). The word is a play on “apotheosis” and the eastern convention of the dedication of imperial cults upon the death of the Caesars. 583 more words


The Apotheosis of Authority

I was told by a coworker years ago about his time as a police officer. Some guy was getting mad at this officer, so the officer shoved his shoulder patch into the guy’s face and asked, “You know what sheriff means?” 749 more words


A Reflection on The Transient & The Ephemeral

What lies at the core of worship?

Even the most devout atheist, in some form of another worships.

There exists, a compulsion in humanity, to latch oneself, an agent of transience, to The Fantastic, The Ephemeral, The Numinous.  564 more words