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Occult Symbolism in Eurovision 2016

I happened to catch a part of the Eurovision semifinals earlier this week, although I really don’t like stuff like that. When I saw the Russian artist’s performance the occult symbolism was just too blatant. 414 more words




(for Haley Amador)

“Thus deify’d, new honours Rome decrees,
shrines, festivals, and styles him Indiges.”

–Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book 14

Aeneas, you were just a prig to me… 67 more words

PS4's Apotheosis Is Obtaining a Retail Release with a Great deal of Extras

Gears of even more
Legendary Games appears to have encouraged itself that Paragon is a big bargain, so it’s bringing the PlayStation 4 console unique MOBA to retail electrical outlets in The United States and Canada. 26 more words


II Kings 2: Elijah, Elisha, whatever

So this other time, Elijah and Elisha were in Gilgal doing prophet stuff when Elijah was all, Look, Elisha, I have to go to Bethal. You should just stay here. 513 more words


Anathema, Apotheosis

You didn’t quite learn the right definition. The dictionary lacks the venom of it, the way it rises in your throat like the coming tide. But as you know, we take words and we make them our own. 535 more words


Anti-Apotheosis (SPOILERS)

In “Apotheosis,” we found out that there was a lot more going on behind the scenes this season than anticipated.  Scott had a masterplan that we were all unaware of.   366 more words


Teen Wolf S05E20 Recap: Apotheosis

In the Season 5 finale of Teen Wolf, “Apotheosis,” we learn that Teen Wolf was holding out on us all season long. Apparently there’s nothing quite so rewarding for a writer as deceiving your audience. 2,711 more words

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