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One thread to another (apotheosis, cont.)

Even though I’ve had more sleep, more non-sleep rest, and more wine than my last post, I’m still not sure exactly how to frame the idea of apotheosis in SF. 439 more words


Of gods and humans

I have the feeling I’ll be able to write more deeply about this once I get a full night’s sleep again. But that’s not going to be for a while, and I always feel better once I’ve done some blogging. 429 more words


Hero of Ages 4: Ascension

I should probably go to sleep. But this has been a week where the messages of Sazed’s ascension are sorely needed: that despair is survivable, that hope is good even when it seems futile, that the hero who saves you may be yourself, that there is power in kindness and knowledge and quiet learning. 437 more words

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Hero of Ages 3 - Uncertainty and limitations

A day late, a dollar short…but still loving Sazed.

One of the things that I love most about the first Mistborn series is how the play of uncertainty directly affects the story. 443 more words

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Theodore you realized
Authority’s ingrown,
And naturally externalized
Within a godly home.

Cleverly you prejudiced
Obedience neurosis.
Sold it to the all of us,
Your apotheosis.

Sanderson, Hero of Ages (Mistborn book 3)

I’ve written posts about the Mistborn series before. However, the next few entries are slightly different. To write coherently about the religious themes here, I have to spoil some of the finest moments in the whole series. 486 more words

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Iron gripped like a warhammer
Brow furrowed in aggression
Sweat beads down reddened flesh
Heart pounds like drums of war
And then the hounds are released… 134 more words