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Apotheosis Practices: Creating a Rituals To Unify Divine Aspects, Part 1

“Theseus’ crime deified her. She gave that ingrate the winding thread and gladly swapped her perjured husband for Bacchus . . . He embraces her and mops her tears with kisses, and says: ‘Let us seek heaven’s heights together.

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Back to School: New Year, New Beer

Back to school. A new year. A new beer. That’s not a bad way to start off the school year!

This week will be the start of new classes, new demands, new internships and projects. 674 more words


Helle Notes

Important tidbits:

Source: http://www.theoi.com/Pontios/Helle.html

  • Ovid, Fasti 3. 853 ff (trans.Boyle) (Roman poetry C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) :
  • “ carries the two across the wide seas.
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UPG And Inspiration

For the Dormition of the Theotokos

Miryam in Ephesus

I am dying in Ephesus. The city is gold and white
and pink, like the flesh of fresh-caught fish
in the marketplace. The city smells of fish, of… 307 more words

My Poems

Apotheosis: Semele Thyone and The Upper and Lower Faces of Divinity

There is a difference between the way deities appear to one another and the way that they appear to us. The way that they appear to us is shaped by our expectations, the way we speak to them, and also by decisions that they make about what we are and are not ready for. 3,098 more words

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Just as with Thenea's previous posts on this topic, this is quite amazing. It speaks to me on a number of levels, particularly this, which has some relevance to why *my* Odin is the way He is: >>Zeus chose to present himself in a way that would best help Semele to develop into the goddess she was meant to be. It was not the whole of Zeus, not his truest face, nor even an accurate representation of what is actually at the transcendent heart of Zeus, as a deity.>> Uncomfortably true, but yes.

Loki's Birthday

“Today’s My birthday!” He says, and I don’t quite understand. Loki exists outside of conventional time. “I became a God today!”

Okay then. I have no idea how literal this is, but I know my Loki well enough to know that if He wants to celebrate His apotheosis – which He says is tied into His oaths with Odin as Blood Brothers – I will be happy to celebrate it and give Him treats.

Happy birthday, Loki. <3


Apotheosis: The Series

Since starting Apotheosis over five years ago, I always envisioned it as a series, as opposed to a single novel or even a series of novels. 180 more words

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