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The God of Unbelievers #2: Absence

(If you’re interested, here’s part 1)

I arrived from work and entered my house, saw a few lights on and assumed my roommates were at home. 687 more words


A Gut and Head Check

Theater director and theorist Jerzy Grotowski stressed the idea of theater being in a constant state between apotheosis and derision. Apotheosis is the elevation towards the sublime. 334 more words

Psycho Holosuite arrived in the mail

Bizarro and metafictional lit mag Psycho Holosuite, with my story about death, immortality, and hidden sources; Apotheosis, arrived in the mail.

Thank you to editor Oli Johns for sending it all the way from Hong Kong! 18 more words


Word of the day #166


A – poth – e – o – sis

The highest point in the development in a project or spiritually.

Example: The apotheosis was clear, they had their man.


Trope-a-Day: Pals With Jesus

Pals With Jesus: Subverted, at least while you’re still alive and therefore not part of the Transcendent soul-ocean; while you can have a much more personal relationship with an eikone than most people can have with their gods – they have e-mail addresses, for one thing – it’s still a weakly godlike superintelligence and you’re not.  72 more words