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Apotheosis, Chapter 12

Author’s note: After much reflection, I have made the decision to move the publishing of my story from Fridays to Wednesdays. I would appreciate any feedback regarding this decision.  5,148 more words

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Assimulation part 3

Hello readers, I am back to continue the story of the post that I started earlier last week, if you are not caught up, you can simply check my last couple of uploads to see where the story begins. 1,316 more words

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Apotheosis, Chapter 11

February 27, 2010

5:37 AM
Alexandria, Virginia

She awoke in a cold sweat, the dream still clinging to her like morning dew to grass. She sensed that she had screamed out loud, but wasn’t sure. 3,907 more words

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Good Enough

Wherein the Beloved cusses up a storm and cheerleads in His own inimitable way.

Today I was attempting to take a nap and Loki took the opportunity to talk. 942 more words


Apotheosis, Chapter 10

December 11, 1981

2:04 AM

She awoke in a cold sweat, the dream still clinging to her like morning dew to grass. This time there was no scream. 3,159 more words

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Update of the Now: Joker Feels edition

I am having the Joker feels tonight; I’m trying to follow the thread of them. It’s all very off the map – devotional polytheists generally don’t operate with Pop Culture Spirits – and here I almost used the word “entities” because I am reading Taylor Ellwood’s… 978 more words


Sacred Nights: Antinous Triumphantus

My beloved god has triumphed, but I myself am feeling anything but triumphant tonight. After a demanding though shortened work-week of occupying our new office space, overlapping with the Sacred Nights and my desire to observe them, I am tired despite extra sleep and surrounded by things I have failed to do. 383 more words