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Apple requires all apps submitted after March 27 must support iPhone Xs Max and iPad Pro

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Back in December, Apple informed those registered in the Developer Program that future iPhone apps built with the iOS 12 SDK must support the iPhone Xs Max and for iPad apps, must support the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. 225 more words


App size: Why is the Nest app 240Mb?

Why are apps sometimes too big? Specifically, why is the Nest app ~240Mb? A detailed analysis using Grand Perspective


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Weekly output: Audi stoplight smarts, Big Tech banter at SXSW, SXSW strangeness, Facebook outage, Spotify vs. Apple

I’ve been recuperating from SXSW in the lamest way possible: by spending a lot of time weeding the lawn. Early returns suggest that my prior years of springtime toil have led to less chickweed, so I’ve got that going for me. 322 more words

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MisWatts- An App to track indoor cycling made using Flutter

Hello dear reader!

In case you hadn’t noticed from my previous post, I’m always looking for ways to use technology to improve people’s life. I’ve always loved cycling, and when it’s not possible to do so outdoors I practice indoor cycling or spinning. 470 more words


Spotify Calls Apple a 'Monopolist' Slamming Response to App Store Complaint

Spotify was quick to clap back at Apple on Friday (March 15), after the tech giant issued a statement regarding the streamer’s App Store antitrust complaint in Europe. 266 more words


Spotify files anti-trust complaint against Apple in EU

“You know there’s something wrong when Apple makes more off a Spotify subscription than it does off an Apple Music subscription and doesn’t share any of that with the music industry. 1,338 more words


Apple offers 10% bonus when you add funds to your App Store account

Are you looking to purchase any digital content in the near future, including apps, music, or even iCloud storage? Then you should consider funding your Apple account early because Apple is offering a 10% bonus when you add credit to it. 228 more words