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Tips | How To Free Up Or Clear RAM In iOS On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Ever felt your iPhone or iPad is slowing down and becoming sluggish after a while of usage? iOS has and continues to do a pretty good job at automatically managing the memory packed into the devices it ships with, but like every software out there, there are those occasional hiccups. 325 more words


AASL Recommended App: Skitch

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) issues their 25 Best Apps for Teaching & Learning each year. The apps were chosen because they foster innovation, creativity, active participation, and collaboration. 76 more words


Bing for iOS Lets Users Search Web for Images by Taking a Photo

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

Microsoft has updated its Bing app for iOS with a feature that allows users to search the web using a photo taken on their device.Bing users can now select an existing photo from their gallery or opt to shoot one from within the app, and Bing will use the image to search for similar ones online.User photos can be cropped to get search results specific to an object within the photo, while images that are returned in searches can also be cropped in-app to receive new search results.The functionality is similar to Google Goggles which used to be part of Google’s Search app before Google removed the feature on iOS devices, so users looking for a replacement might want to give Bing a try.In addition, Microsoft’s update enables users to get notified when a movie they’re following becomes available for streaming, and also brings search for bus routes and schedules in online maps. 41 more words


Advanced Online Media – Blog Post 16 (pitch, Car Throttle)

The idea for my app is to be a spin-off of the popular automotive platform Car Throttle. I have been a freelance writer for the website for two and a half years, after completing work experience there in the summer of 2013. 378 more words


Advanced Online Media – Blog Post 15 (pitch, the competition)

Having a look around online, there aren’t a huge deal of dedicated supercar spotting apps out there. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. 380 more words


Sarah Geronimo Launches New Mobile Game ‘Sarah G Popsters’

Xeleb Inc., the Philippines’ first celebrity mobile games company launches Sarah G Popsters, Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo’s first mobile game last Nov 24 at the Mind Museum, BGC. 188 more words


The bizarre story of how a startup reached No. 2 in the App Store while being hammered with a human trafficking smear campaign

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

When Nikil Viswanathan first saw the allegations rolling in on social media, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Hundreds of people were accusing his app of being used for human trafficking, and urging others to never download it. 1,467 more words