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Bar Hospitality: An Untapped Market

To: Bar and Restaurant Owners

From: Dylan Sheffer, Student/Developer

Subject: Bar Hospitality Technology: An Untapped Market


The purpose of this study is to determine if there is a demand for a digital drink menu and the features it would provide. 2,161 more words


She's Alive!!!!! My Frankenstein Experiment with Motion Portrait app

This week I discovered the new Motion Portrait app. Basically, it takes a 2D image (ideally a face) and renders it so it looks 3D and the eyes blink and mouth moves slightly. 377 more words

10 great Apps for Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is set for December 7th this year and my school is doing a Star Wars theme using java and Spheros. Many people ask me what are some great Apps or units that go great with teaching students and teachers how to code and then build it from there. 764 more words

Practiquemos diversos tipos de navegación para apps iOS

Hoy utilizaremos varios elementos de navegación en apps para iOS con XCode, comencemos creando un proyecto nuevo que sea una aplicación con tabs, lo dejaremos para dispositivo iPhone, lenguaje Swith y desactivados los Tests (Si tienes dudas sobre esto último consulta el post sobre la… 777 more words


App to date

Smart phones and tablets are a must. They are used to connect for fun or for work. And for language learning. There are several applications available for eager language learners who want to improve their skills independently from time and place. 42 more words


Music Maker Jam - android music suite

If music loops sounds familiar, you probably know everything you need to create a beautiful masterpiece using Music Maker Jam. With online access to thousands of ready to use loops and a full array of controls to add your own sequences its a pleasure to use. 328 more words