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Government-Run Sharing?

Just came across Dean Baker’s opinion piece on Aljazeera America from yesterday in which he advocates for a publicly-run version of the “sharing economy.” In Baker’s own words: 434 more words


How to solve if apps won't open on your Mac

After the update to latest Mac OS X Mavericks, some of the apps including Mail, Preview on my Mac cannot be opened anymore. There’s no error message or anything, they just won’t open. 75 more words


Gmail for Android Gets a Unified Inbox for Multiple Email IDs

Google has launched a new feature in its updated Gmail for Android app that lets users view emails from all their integrated email IDs in a single place. 221 more words

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Duurzaam met Peerby

We leven in een tijd waarin we steeds meer op ons geld moeten gaan letten. Hierdoor is de kijk op het bezitten van spullen erg veranderd. 917 more words

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Google Glass app can help socially awkward penguins speak in public

Fear of public speaking is quite common, and chances are you either know someone who has it or you suffer from the phobia yourself. This smart glass app called Rhema, created by researchers from the Human-Computer Interaction Group at the University of Rochester, was designed for people who need a bit of help addressing crowds. 170 more words


Habit RPG - MMO yourself to productivity

You may not have heard of Habit RPG. If not, I want to introduce you to it! At the risk of sounding like a giant advertisement, Habit RPG is a productivity app crossed with an old-school RPG game. 750 more words

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Banking and insurance via chat apps

Sometimes an idea just hits you, and you wonder why it took so long and it isn’t more prevalent already. For the average person, we quite like our banking in one place (on the web), our insurance somewhere else (with our broker) and our chat app in another (on our phone). 402 more words