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Photographer Gloria Feinstein is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  These photographs are from her project ‘Appalachia‘. To see Gloria’s portfolios click on any image. 680 more words

Human Condition

It's Complicated: A Liberal, Appalachian, Southerner's View on Why Trump Won

I am an early riser. It isn’t surprising, then, that on Election Night, despite Wolf Blitzer’s attention-disordered, apoplectic news coverage of Trump’s impending election, I was calm, even haughty as I tromped off to bed before 10 p.m. 1,767 more words


Day 12: Virginia, or, Surely, It is a Sign!

I am very, VERY, relieved to say that one of my greatest fears about this trip, getting hopelessly lost on country back roads, appears to have been nullified, at least in part, at least in Virginia. 353 more words


“That's my rattlesnakin' daddy, Wants to rattle all night long”

As I start my climb up into the Appalachia mountains the weather looks hauntingly grim….

But half-way along the winding route the Appalachians open out ahead of me and the weather transformed, the sun started to shine and the colours of fall in the borders of North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia opened up. 1,203 more words


Whose Music Is It?

I’ve seen quite a few really confused media entries recently about American music. Just today, NPR aired an interview with…somebody talking about Anton Dvorak’s New World Symphony and its connection to “black music.” I’m sure this person had the best of intentions, but she has very little knowledge of what American music actually is, and where it started. 229 more words


The votes are in - an update to "Appalachia as Trump Country"

Last month, I wrote an essay about the media’s overuse of Appalachia – and particularly West Virginia – as a mythic Trump Country during the election cycle. 862 more words

Public History

Episode 53: All Beauty Must Die: Murder Ballads

Ballads are enduring relics of rich oral tradition. From literary epics like Beowulf, to the seedier broadside ballads sold at public executions; these story songs give us a glimpse at the practices and values of distant times and places. 376 more words