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Essays by Carl Nelson

The Money Comes in Big Wads, or Not at All


This Mid-Ohio river valley town is a hard place to turn a buck.  As a salesperson you don’t have to make many phone calls to figure this out.  979 more words


16 Reasons to Visit in 2016: Gardens

It’s cold and blustery at Fairview today, snow blowing off the edges of the barn roofs, and a chilly wind hitting the side of the cabin. 428 more words


Monsters Don't Only Come Out at Night

Some of us were born with a sense of destiny, I believe, an innate knowing that we were meant for more than this, that something out there in the wild yonder awaits us and knows our names. 1,219 more words


16 Reasons to Visit in 2016: Find Your Roots

Roots are a symbol of what you experience during a visit to Fairview. Beyond the basic association with the flowers, vegetables, fruits, and grains that grow here, roots run deep through the story of Fairview. 217 more words


Behind the Scenes (Dock in Early Morning)

This is an image captured by Bob almost ten years ago in the early morning mist of a dock on Lake Lure, NC. The lake and its surrounding area has served as a vacation spot for many who love the mountains of Western North Carolina and as a locale for many films, including… 74 more words


Carolina Pride

It hasn’t been easy being raised in the Carolinas…but it is getting better.  There is so much stigma associated with both North and South Carolina and so few people are willing to look below the historical or political surface.   663 more words

Beautiful Pictures In NC

Below is a small collection of pictures I have on my phone. With over 2,000 pictures currently, yes I know I need to clear it out, I decided to share with you  693 more words