Little Clear Creek of The Cumberland River

I snapped this shot in the Harmony community of Bell County yesterday.  This is the Little Clear Creek, a tributary to the Cumberland River.  This photo was taken right across from the Harmony Missionary Baptist Church along state route 190.

Appalachian Mountains

Buckeye School -- Bell County, Kentucky

Today I got out and decided to visit a couple of old schools in Bell County.  One I not only visited, but also got inside.  The other, Buckeye School located in western Bell County was much to my surprise completely gone.   113 more words

Appalachian Mountains

Segregation in Harlan County, Kentucky

Most of my blog entries here concern travels or interesting buildings I find.  Tonight I am feeling a bit under the weather and Ive been trying to do some research and book work concerning and abandoned school I have photographs for and I ran across an interesting article in the UK Archives.   457 more words

Appalachian Mountains

Mountains Aglow

This past weekend, the mountains were aglow with color.  Even though the sky was overcast, the colors were the most vibrant I remember seeing in all the years we have lived in Appalachia.   132 more words


Blog Fest Day 16- Witches of Appalachia

I always wanted to write a story dealing with witches in the Appalachian Mountains.  I don’t think its a far stretch because I’m sure there are some witches in the high country.  220 more words

Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church -- Gary, West Virginia

As you turn the curve and enter the town of Gary West Virginia from State Route 103 you will notice that the great majority of the “town” that remains is across a bridge on the other side of the Tug Fork River opposite of the main highway.   287 more words

Appalachian Mountains