A smattering of state high points

It’s about that time when I get out of the Southern Plains and head into the high country. On tap: Some quality time in New Mexico and Colorado. 798 more words


Among the Shine Clan - Part 4

The mission has hardly begun when strange things start to happen. Without warning, several of the platoon disappear off the scanner. No one can explain it, including Kaz, who is watching the scanner. 806 more words

Dellani Oakes

Yankee Horse Ridge Overlook 

On one of our extended weekend trips to Virginia, my wife and I along with our dog Bentley enjoyed a day traveling along the Blue Ridge Parkway stopping to take in the magnificent scenery along the parkway. 101 more words

Appalachian Mountains

Into the Woods: Roan Mountain

Nothing dredges up memory as quickly and thoroughly as smell. A subtle scent unleashes a flash of thoughts, feelings, and experience from various points in our lives. 827 more words

Appalachian Mountains

Good God. I Actually Have Grey Hair...

I climbed out the bed of Todd Athey’s truck at the helm of Little Meadows, a hunting club nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, having just received a Master’s Degree in adult studies.  1,449 more words


10 for 1

It’s a great morning for my first blog post! I’ve got so many amazing things about life to share, the excitement is killing me!! Let me start off with my newest found love, the NC High Country… 151 more words

App Ski

"Not a rope . . . if drowning"

My blog post today takes a look at a line I like from a novel, Prayers the Devil Answers, by Sharyn McCrumb. Ms. McCrumb has mastered the art of capturing the independent spirit of the people of the southern Appalachian Mountains in the following sentence: 159 more words