Peeling Back the Night

Tugging at the tattered edges of night along the front range of the Appalachian Mountains, dawn peels back the night as the showers diminish to virga that hangs in the morning sky as though expressing darkness’ reluctance to yield to the light of day.

Aerial Photography

Trees by Joyce Kilmer

Living in the mountains of Roan Mountain State Park -named in 2016 as Tennessee State Park of the Year- surrounded by trees, reminds me of one of my favorite poems. 122 more words


Blue Ridge Parkway

Today was my first time on the Blue Ridge Parkway.It was stunning but unfortunately most of it in NC closed due to ice.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

During a Sunday afternoon drive ( to get out of our tent in Roan Mountain State Park for awhile :) a double rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky. 34 more words


Beauty amidst the Gray

Gray days have been plentiful this year in Appalachia.  I have to admit, unless snow covers the bare hillsides, winter is not the prettiest season here; but every once in a while I catch a glimmer of beauty that speaks of God’s goodness.   222 more words

Natural Living

Hut Sweet Hut

A few different pics of our tent (AKA “the hut” as Bruce likes to call it), during January’s recent cold spell. Our wood stove is our source of heat.(No problems with it, except when I burned some old journals and photographs; they didn’t burn completely and were caught by the spark arrestor. 56 more words