White Snakeroot

Ageratina altissima (Eupatorium rugosum)

This is a poisonous plant that is native to North America. The plants grow to about 3-4 ft.; the very small white flowers are born at the top of the plant in loose clusters that might remind you of boneset or a white ageratum. 178 more words

Appalachian Mountains

Green-Headed Coneflower

Rudbeckia laciniata

You might guess that this is a composite (Family Asteraceae), and you’d be right.  Then, you might assume it is a sunflower or a coneflower because of its color and size.   386 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Kittens, Moonshine, and Sherwood Anderson: A Love Story

My summer travels brought me to the small town of Marion, tucked in the mountains of southwestern Virginia. My partner, Roberta, was doing genealogical research and we had some old family sites, the library, and a cemetery to visit. 944 more words


Out of Asheville

Shortly after graduating from college at Michigan State University, I made the decision to spend time farming.  I was young and uncommitted, and attracted to the sustainable food movement.   1,635 more words


Oh, Shenandoah! (Verse 2)

On the last two days of our two-week sojourn through the southern Appalachian Mountains, Don and I returned to Shenandoah National Park. By now we were wiser, and more experienced in the ways of the mountains. 650 more words


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Do you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban and suburban life?

Are you looking to do more than just stand in lines at the usual tourist destinations? 202 more words

Appalachian Mountains

My Appalachian Accent: You Aren't From Here Are You?

This week I met a woman who seemed surprised that I still have an accent after living in Northeast Indiana for nearly five years.

Her surprise made me think about the regular conversations I have about my accent and dialect. 951 more words