Next stop, Tennessee.

Its barely 9am and I have been sat in a big silver bus that has a ‘trek America’ sticker on the side and a trailer attached to the back, heading down a highway towards the Appalachian mountains, for over an hour now. 1,064 more words


Into the Woods: Arkaquah Trail

Walking up and down hills is the cost of doing business in hiking. In essence, that is hiking; the exercise, the views, the solitude, and the experience all flow from it. 679 more words

Appalachian Mountains

Cedar Creek Flash Flood

It’s remarkable what one inch of rain in a short time can do to a normally tranquil creek in the Mountains. Last evening, in the course of an hour, the largest storm in six weeks did just that. 278 more words

North Carolina

Bea's Diner-Open For Business

In the summer of 1948, Dr. John Welles is the newest resident in Addison-on-Gauley, West Virginia. He’s still reeling from his brief experience during World War II, the effects of which will haunt him for many years, and seeks refuge in the small town tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains. 450 more words

The Secrets Of Dr. John Welles

North Carolina-Madison County-July 16

North Carolina People, Places, and Things-July 16

I am the dad to five adult children. As they were growing up I attempted to remind them they were special and to implore them to learn something new. 228 more words

North Carolina

Almost Heaven: Falling for West Virginia

Country roads

Take me home…

Country roads feel like home, for that is where the journeys take place.

Journeys down sandy byways, through pines and marsh grass, to tea-colored rivers and salty bay beaches.

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Pearson's Falls after Heavy Rain

Located along the North/South Carolina state line just west of Tryon,  Pearson’s Falls is always a treat to visit, but after a good rainstorm, it is especially beautiful.

North Carolina