"He-Balsam, She-Balsam"

North Carolina’s geography is divided into three biomes: Coastal, Piedmont, and the Appalachian Mountains.  Home for me has been the Appalachian Mountains: elevation 3,218 feet (980.24 meters). 865 more words


Lost Cove Creek and Hunt Fish Falls in Avery County

East of Grandfather Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway is a small creek named Lost Cove Creek. After driving a few miles from the Parkway, you’ll find a trailhead, and hiking that steep trail for forty-five minutes will bring you to Hunt Fish Falls. 55 more words

Time to focus

For anyone wishing to educate themselves about Industrial Wind, beyond the information made available by the wind industry’s well financed AWEA (American Wind Energy Association), there are excellent sites which continue to provide news, information and studies.  670 more words

Industrial Wind

Bearly There

Don and I didn’t go to the Appalachians for the wildlife. Well, I did, as you’ll see later. But our main interest was in exploring habitats vastly different from what we are used to in our little corner of the Piedmont. 1,139 more words


A smile in the woods

As someone who enjoys travel, outdoor adventure and all that good stuff, I’ve seen my share — truth be told, probably more than my share — of beautiful vistas in my lifetime.   765 more words


Lee County Historical & Genealogical Society Museum

I’ve noticed this old church for many years its just to the west of Jonesville on 58 off in a little holler that really makes you envision Icabod Crane could have actually galloped around that twisty road Once upon a time. 63 more words

Hiking Trails: GRASSY CREEK FALLS, Little Switzerland

Hidden away on private property in Little Switzerland is this jewel of a waterfall, Grassy Creek Falls. This trail is a bit interesting because unlike many of the other waterfalls trails in the area that are maintained by the NPS, the majority of the trail to see these falls is a private street, and there’s no real viewing platform at the bottom of the trail. 932 more words