Hiking Trails: WISEMAN'S VIEW, Linville Gorge

Rugged Linville Gorge, often referred to the Grand Canyon of the East Coast, offers some of the most beautiful views in western North Carolina. One of the best places to see these panoramic views also happens to be one of the easiest trails in the entire High Country region. 892 more words

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Dolly Parton Is Honored With Fungus

Dolly Parton grew up near the Appalachian Mountains and to honor her contributions she has made to the area, scientists are naming a new species of lichens, aka fungus after her. 55 more words


The Appalachian Mountain Pastor and Metal-Face Girl

Vernal didn’t get it, and didn’t try

Emma quietly wondered why

Pastor Larry didn’t bat an eye

about piercings and tattoos

He said, “Less concerned ’bout inked-up skin… 21 more words

Appalachian Spring: A Sampler

At Christmas, the opportunity arose to meet family in Tennessee to see a cousin perform with his college a cappella group. Naturally, I thought…

Over the next few months, a short weekend trip to Nashville mutated into a two week odyssey through the southern Appalachian Mountains. 491 more words


Simple Vegan Chili Recipe

Sometimes I over complicate chili. I want to add all of these crazy ingredients (i.e. beer, sweet potato, etc) and I end up not being satisfied. 180 more words

Canada Violet

Viola canadensis

Canada Violet goes by many names, but you may be most comfortable calling it White Violet, or Tall White Violet, because those are its most conspicuous field marks.   332 more words

Virginia Wildflowers

Vernal and Emma get a letter from metal-face girl

Vernal’s arthritis warn’t getting no better

When Emma his wife come in with the letter


Vernal, that girl pierced with metal, so pretty

Says she ain’t happy back there in her city… 38 more words