Into the Woods: Conasauga Lake and Grassy Mountain

Location is everything.

Chattanooga is where it is because of the conveniences of transportation. It’s where the Tennessee River cuts through the wall of the Cumberland Plateau, and the city built up around this natural intersection between boats and rails during the early industrial era. 648 more words

Appalachian Mountains

Banner Elk Winery and Villa

While my dad was visiting the United States from his native Bolivia, he decided to take full advantage of his time and call on me to join him for a mini vacation. 625 more words

Azaleas and Orchids at Biltmore Gardens

With the beginning of May comes the most colorful time for the gardens at The Biltmore Estate. Azaleas are popping out everywhere, and the orchids inside the Conservatory are more varied that ever. 186 more words

Tree Fungus in the Shenandoah National Park (Spring 2016)

Greetings! Hiking in the Shenandoah National Park is truly a refreshing and purifying experience. I am willing to go that far and call it catharsis. It does clean soul and makes you fresh, anew again. 143 more words


Prayers the Devil Answers - Sharyn McCrumb

Moving to town was a hard thing, but the jobs were in town, and Mr. Hoover’s Depression had no end in sight. A regular paycheck seemed like an answer to prayer. 204 more words


Blue Ridge Parkway at Mt. Pisgah

With storms approaching, I drove onto The Parkway at Asheville, and headed west toward Mt. Pisgah. Clouds and intermittent sun always make for dramatic scenes. 121 more words

The Wild Life

We all dream of disappearing into the forest and living there away from noise and people, I think. At least among us men, I’m pretty sure we all do from time to time. 289 more words