In the Summertime

Contemplation crowds my thoughts in the loveliest of ways lately.

Summer has finally fell upon all of us. I feel myself, the people surrounding me, and the earth take one deep breath in unison and harmony. 583 more words


Spring Delights

Every year, spring delights my senses.  The mountains are transformed from bare grey to lush green in a few short weeks.

Wave after wave of various types of both wild and domesticated flowers unfold their blooms in vibrant colors.  46 more words


Ocoee Whitewater Center, Tennessee

A Summer Olympics Wonder!

A drive on Hwy 64/Ocoee Scenic Byway takes you through some incredible scenery in the Southern Appalachian Mountain range.  This journey in East Tennessee leads you to an amazing area that is part of olympic history. 283 more words

Among the Shine Clan - Part 13 by Dellani Oakes

They have managed to shut down one cyber-warrior, but their handler seems to be blocking their device. Gathering their wounded together, Deacon and Fiddlestix regroup to come up with a plan. 616 more words

Dellani Oakes

When beauty follows the storm...

This evening, we saw hail, thunder, lightening and then the rainbow…. so beautiful! 

Appalachian Mountains

Is Mount Mitchell The Ultimate Appalachian Mountain?

If you are reading this and have already decided to hike Mount Mitchell, before you leave you need to do the following:

  1. Check the hourly weather forecast for both the top of the mountain and for the Black Mountain Campground (the trailhead)
  2. 568 more words

Tallulah Gorge Overlook

In the Appalachian Mountains Foothills of North Georgia

at the edge of my toes,
                         canyon walls
                           dive deep to river unseen,
                              thickly lined with towering trees,
                                 rippling shades of green cascading down. 76 more words
Nature's Beauty