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Mary, Mother of God

Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is venerated in the holy Roman Catholic Church.  She is not worshiped, but she is revered and above the saints.  402 more words

How Sr. Lúcia Wrote the Third Part of the Secret of Fátima

Hi Everyone! I have made a short supplemental video for my MOOC course on Fátima. The video is about how Sr. Lúcia came to fulfill Our Lady’s command to write down the third part of the secret:


Sr. Lúcia's May 12, 1982 Letter to Pope John Paul II

In their 2013 biography Um caminho sob o olhar de Maria, the Carmelite Sisters of the St. Teresa convent in Coimbra (Portugal) authenticated Sr. Lúcia’s May 12, 1982 letter to Pope John Paul II. 737 more words


Do You Believe in Ghosts? Six of America's Most Haunted Houses

Do you believe in ghosts? Many people do, several don’t. According to the “Haunted House Report” posted by Realtor.com, 35 percent of the people surveyed claim to have lived in, or are living in a home that is haunted. 1,209 more words


Sr. Lúcia Biography

Hi Everyone! While doing some work today, I came across this interesting article about the publication of the Carmelites’ biography Um caminho sob o olhar de Maria 235 more words


4. Discerning Prophets: messages from the Book of Truth continued

28 December 2010 @ 11:00am

Warning to Believers not to reject genuine Prophets

My beloved daughter, you are now being given the final Messages for mankind, to digest, before the end times in order to save their souls. 1,233 more words

 Fatima Exposition and Benediction—Aug. 13

Matthew 28:16–20

Our reading from the Gospel of Matthew is that final passage that is known as the Great Commission. This is Christ’s sending of the Apostles out to evangelize—to spread the good news. 410 more words