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Authoritative Authorities

In my previous post I mentioned that people will use science’s scheme of self-correction as a support of its authority, and that this is utterly confused. 1,119 more words


Related terms differ enormously

Do a few letters make a difference?

You betcha!  The other day I listened to a commentator point out the distinction between what is ‘ 203 more words


Trotting out the Credential

Sometimes when a person has no solid argument to back his viewpoint, he’ll invoke his status as member of a privileged elite.  Such credentials might be based on education or experience or one’s lofty position in an organization. 317 more words


The APA has no real logical basis for labeling Asperger Syndrome a "disorder"

I touched upon this subject recently in my entry on Chris Harper-Mercer.  It’s an issue that has some pretty serious implications, and it has a connection to the way human brains can function, so I thought I’d write more about it. 379 more words

Asperger Syndrome

Scientific Consensus IS an Appeal to Authority

An effort has been made by anti-science fans/atheists to value up authority and incredulity and de-value scientific evidence, empirical observations, and valid reasoning.

In order to do this modern day scientists are trying to re-define the definition of science so that all that matters is authority and incredulity, rather than actual scientific evidence, empirical observations, and valid reasoning. 673 more words


Christians That Pose As Former Atheists (Appeal to Authority) - Thread

(A.k.a. When Catholics that shovel a mountain of books on someone’s desk and say, “Read this before you criticize my faith.)

>I wasn’t raised in the faith so my worldview remains largely atheistic in the feel. 1,098 more words