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Final Test; Phase One

Hopefully the title got your attention. (This is of concern, because according to my stats this site has had just four visitors since Friday morning.) 393 more words

Courses In English In Chile

Physician Suicide, Organizational Justice and the "Cry of pain" Model: Hopelessness, Helplessness and Defeat

They can be a terror to your mind and show you how to hold your tongue
They got mystery written all over their forehead
They kill babies in the crib and say only the good die young…
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tireddoctorAccording to Talbott, “impaired doctors must first acknowledge their addiction and overcome their ‘terminal uniqueness’ before they can deal with a drug or alcohol problem.” “Terminal uniqueness “ is a phrase Talbott uses to describe doctors’ tendency to think they can heal themselves. “M-Deity” refers to doctors “being trained to think they’re God,” an unfounded generalization considering the vast diversity of individuals that make up our profession. This attitude, according to some critics, stems from the personal histories of the treatment staff, including Talbott, who are recovering alcoholics and addicts themselves. One such critic was Assistant Surgeon General under C. Everett Koop John C. Duffy who said that Ridgeview suffered from a “boot-camp mentality” toward physicians under their care and “assume every physician suffering from substance abuse is the same lying, stealing, cheating, manipulating individual they were when they had the illness. Certainly some physicians are manipulative, but it’s naïve to label all physicians with these problems.”

Funsized Fallacies: Appeals to Authority and to the People

All the chewy goodness of fallacious reasoning in new fun-sized bites!

Ad verecundiam is Latin for “appeals to authority”
Ad populum is Lating for “appeals to the people”

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Authority, concensus, bias and ad homs

I have been debating with Rob Martin on his site here, here, and here, his response to Richard Carrier’s mythicist claims. I think it is worth setting out here my full response to the issues raised in those discussions, because they are so fundamental to how we argue validly (or not).* 918 more words

Welcome to Hell, Maggots

This is critical thinking boot camp.

I didn’t get a lot of exposure to critical thinking processes growing up. Nor did most of the thinkers I know. 365 more words

Critical Thinking