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Whose word should you respect in any debate on science?

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Whose word should you respect in any debate on science?

Peter Ellerton… 942 more words


Logical Fallacies: Gay Marriage

** This is absolutely not my viewpoint this is for a school assignment to write 3 logical fallacies about a subject we DO NOT agree with** *I’m not a monster* *I am FOR gay marriage* 489 more words

Just because something IS, does that mean it OUGHT to be?

  Given the breathless rate of societal upheaval in America these past 2 years, the IS/OUGHT fallacy seems to be the modus operandi of the current ‘Culture Nazis’. 580 more words


Don't weaken the anchor ropes of your faith!

Do you ever play out an imaginary conversation between you and someone else?  It could be with a hypothetical person or maybe with someone you know whose likely responses you think you can predict as well. 604 more words


Truth, Logic, and the Trinity

In response to my post Is Logic Objective?, keithnoback commented:

Nice. As you imply, no theory is, in itself, true, though there are truths about the theory.

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Authoritative Authorities

In my previous post I mentioned that people will use science’s scheme of self-correction as a support of its authority, and that this is utterly confused. 1,119 more words