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Getting off the media treadmill: part 2 - propaganda techniques

This article is the next in an ongoing series to explain how Americans are affected by media, to hopefully stop the wholesale manipulation of our feelings, to the detriment of America as a nation.  669 more words


Appeal to Authority

A tale is told in the seventh chapter of John’s Gospel
About officers sent to arrest the Messiah
Who fail-for a minute in His presence their doubts dispel… 147 more words

The Deity Of Jesus Christ

Whose word should you respect in any debate on science?

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

Whose word should you respect in any debate on science?

Peter Ellerton… 942 more words


Logical Fallacies: Gay Marriage

** This is absolutely not my viewpoint this is for a school assignment to write 3 logical fallacies about a subject we DO NOT agree with** *I’m not a monster* *I am FOR gay marriage* 489 more words

Just because something IS, does that mean it OUGHT to be?

  Given the breathless rate of societal upheaval in America these past 2 years, the IS/OUGHT fallacy seems to be the modus operandi of the current ‘Culture Nazis’. 580 more words


Don't weaken the anchor ropes of your faith!

Do you ever play out an imaginary conversation between you and someone else?  It could be with a hypothetical person or maybe with someone you know whose likely responses you think you can predict as well. 604 more words