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carteirada acadêmica

Logo depois das normas da ABNT, a coisa mais xingada e achincalhada da vida acadêmica são as tais citações. Parece consenso que fazer citações é uma burocracia sem sentido que só existe para humilhar os recém-chegados, pra te fazer ajoelhar frente ao altar da academia. 876 more words


torvalds puts torvalds back into a reasonable context

this post isnt even about torvalds, its about something bigger. in fact, its about a problem that both linux kernel author linus torvalds and i agree on. 592 more words


The word rhetoric once denoted ways of communicating one’s thoughts by devices called “rhetorical devices” “Appeal to authority” (used in terms like “expert/scientists say”) is a rhetorical device often used by journalists to convince readers of the validity of their opinions. 84 more words


Disaster Propaganda

This might be the first of more than one post. I have been collecting, when possible, social media propaganda items regarding recent natural and unnatural disasters (such as local arson caused wildland fires). 510 more words

Social Media

Did a Federal law make U.S. Civil War Confederate solidiers the equivalent of U.S. veterans? No.

This past week, my Facebook news feed showed a shared item that claims Confederate soldiers of the U.S. Civil War were declared as “U.S. veterans by an Act of Congress”. 127 more words


I'm Going Spock on you all!

I’m going to conclude this arc of gender/sexuality-related posts by returning to one quote from the Catholocism Pure post that I referenced earlier this week… 602 more words


An appeal to authority over reason

In my conversations with Leave voters I have found one theme constantly recurring, that the EU is anti-British, undemocratic, bureaucratic and evil. It is supposed to want to become a United States of Europe, have its own army and to totally dominate our lives in every way. 252 more words