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Much news reporting is pure speculation, not actual reporting

I ran across a link to an old CNN Money financial news report from October 24, 2016. Every speculation made in this news report was wrong and illustrates how much “news” is not really reporting on events but is speculation about the future. 508 more words

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A Word on Mapping Bias

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So you come across this map on an article relating to an issue or policy you’re a bit skeptical of. 385 more words


Memo to The National Post: Yes, you do have to rudely question "credible" authorities so you don't appeal to them: Understanding how war propaganda hijacks critical thinking

Journalism has always had a horrendous time during war and civil unrest. I have always said that The Hague should be filled with countless pseudo “journalists” whose irresponsible ways directly caused the senseless and unnecessary murders of hundred of thousands of civilians as it whipped people up into an irrational frenzy. 2,636 more words

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carteirada acadêmica

Logo depois das normas da ABNT, a coisa mais xingada e achincalhada da vida acadêmica são as tais citações. Parece consenso que fazer citações é uma burocracia sem sentido que só existe para humilhar os recém-chegados, pra te fazer ajoelhar frente ao altar da academia. 876 more words


torvalds puts torvalds back into a reasonable context

this post isnt even about torvalds, its about something bigger. in fact, its about a problem that both linux kernel author linus torvalds and i agree on. 592 more words


The word rhetoric once denoted ways of communicating one’s thoughts by devices called “rhetorical devices” “Appeal to authority” (used in terms like “expert/scientists say”) is a rhetorical device often used by journalists to convince readers of the validity of their opinions. 84 more words


Disaster Propaganda

This might be the first of more than one post. I have been collecting, when possible, social media propaganda items regarding recent natural and unnatural disasters (such as local arson caused wildland fires). 510 more words

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