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making it all appear

took as the feet

and making as the beat

and dreams

and drums all along

and felt

and for the feeling

and caught on the taken… 47 more words



Collect moments not things. (Web)

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears. – Rumi  (Conversation)

Wear what you love. (Bag)

Forever. (Woman’s T-shirt)

365 Project

The World Appears in a Bathroom- A poem.

All of the houses are empty.
I see lights drifting out of windows
momentarily lost in the darkness
before spilling on vacant streets.
There is no one. 406 more words


never as appear

those on the themes

of the taken on the mountains of the previous

and caught on the sharing

and for the world

and caught on the asking… 44 more words


beauty on appear

lights as the magic

and called on the distance

and for the turning

and kept on the floor

and said on the whenever

and for the seeking… 44 more words


This frame makes everything inside it appear to dance in slow motion

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Take a close look at that framed feather. It’s fancy on its own, but when you push a button on the frame, it starts moving — dancing, even — in slow motion.  364 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 133: On the Mind

I have a certain desire to succeed at almost everything I do, and yet it is often overwhelmed by a desire to do and see as many things as I can, usually changing far more often than I would hope, forcing my hand into directions usually unknown and known at the same time whilst I try to gain some sort of traction on my thoughts whilst they run away, escaping from my mind and then going on a sprint, leaving my body momentarily confused before I realise what has happened and go chasing after it, trying to keep up and close the distance between us, but the problem is the mind is a mischievous thing at times and this can cause no end of problems when trying to keep it in check and under control, for it likes to do its own thing and I am merely the vessel that translates its message through words, actions, and expressions, and it is the master to which I am so horribly (and yet, wonderfully) enslaved to it, being lead around and taken to different places whilst thinking of things far beyond my reach (and not of a reality), until it decides to do a runner and leaves me chasing it until it decides to stop and hop back in, for it is indeed its own thing when it wants to be. 328 more words