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arrival: XVI

Tears are shed, their salty trail seen on the faces of children, the faces of hunger. When shall the day appear, will the rivers of quiet desperation find comfort at last, when His hands reach to wipe away the tears?

What's Hidden Beneath

Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe.

You can have a wardrobe malfunction

if you don’t choose the right thing to wear underneath! 102 more words

For Others To Know You

There are many who are misunderstood. There are many who are not understood. There are some who are understood and there are some others who are understood but it doesn’t serve a purpose. 839 more words


A Fast Appear on Rapid Prototyping Services

by Fortune Reside Media

Expertise is not the only important of accomplishment it is only a part of it. Accomplishment comes by integrating the information and its implementation. 449 more words

MS Office - Freeing up screen space

In Microsoft Office 2007 and later, which uses the Ribbon you can minimise it to free up an extra 1″ of screen space to view your document. 111 more words

Learning Zone

To Capture His Steadfast Heart

A woman of the world

is anxious to exhibit her form and shape,

whether walking, standing, sitting, or sleeping.

Even when represented as a picture, 121 more words