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To Capture His Steadfast Heart

A woman of the world

is anxious to exhibit her form and shape,

whether walking, standing, sitting, or sleeping.

Even when represented as a picture, 121 more words

True Friends Are A Blessing

 True friendship multiplies the good in life

and divides its evils.

Strive to have friends, for life without friends

is like life on a desert island… 101 more words

Mirror mirror, do I exist? (Guest Post)

Your image mirrored in the glass My image.

Mirror mirror, made of me,
are we precisely who we appear to be?

mirror mirror, are we even less? 21 more words

A Appear Inside Lockheed Martin&#39s Space-Age Operations

A Appear Inside Lockheed Martin&#39s Space-Age Operations
We&#39ve created an end-to-finish electronic domain that connects all components of product improvement – conceptualization, style and evaluation, simulation and optimization, manufacturing, assembly and test, and operations and sustainment. 138 more words

Plunge Into The Story

 Empathy is the most mysterious transaction

that the human soul can have,

and it’s accessible to all of us,

but we have to give ourselves the opportunity to identify, 100 more words

Estimated 96 Percent of Border Surge Illegals Remain In U.S.

  • Just over 3,000 appeared before a judge and were ordered removed.
  • Nearly 96 percent of cases either received judicial or administrative amnesty, were ordered removed “in absentia” (where in they did not appear for the proceedings), or the case has not been decided yet.
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