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the one about: appearances

We all care about appearances.

As much as we try to insist that no one’s opinion matters, and that we don’t care,

we do.

Why do we keep up good hygiene? 822 more words

The One About:

Half a Century!

I just turned 50 yesterday.

Odd how when you’re a kid 40 or 50 seem soooooo far away; yet once you reach them, it doesn’t really feel like that long ago you were a kid. 116 more words


Panic, and Festivals Thereof

Last year, just before I left for Panic Fest, I received a phone call about my dad’s failing health. It wasn’t the first such call, and it wasn’t the last, but that Panic Fest sticks in my mind as the last time for a long time that my dad’s illness, death, and the subsequent emotional and mental fallout therefrom wasn’t heavily on my mind. 224 more words


The Paranormal Chronicles

Stephanie Dixon, will be a return guest on The Paranormal Chronicles on Talkshoe hosted by our trusted colleague Dale Vokurka of MOPRS! I’m looking forward to it. 84 more words


Page dated 1/10/94


I am on foot. I come to a place where the houses get each one prettier than the last. I seem to be looking for a place to live. 298 more words

Brief Encounter

He swore on his mother’s grave, but then he swore on just about everything. So really, being here at the cemetery, gazing down at the inscription etched into the granite was somewhat meaningless. 650 more words

Creative Writing

Swamp Thing 17 (series 2)

Swamp Thing 17 (1983)
…And Things that Go Bump in the Night

Issue #17 continues, back at the motel, as if Swamp Thing never went to the small town where monsters where disguised by face masks. 860 more words