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10 Reasons Why Women Like Men with Beard


Men with beards stand apart from others in their appearance. That rough out-of-the-bed look gives a sexy appearance to the guys from women standpoint. It makes a man look strong, confident and adventurous. 265 more words

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The day I decided to love my weight

This is definitely one of the aspects of my life I’ve struggled with the most, especially because of the outrageous beauty standards our society has. So let’s get started. 641 more words

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The day I decided to love my skin colour

Disclaimer: I am aware this is a controversial topic; I also know that some people may take this as an insult to their struggle. However, I invite you to read this with an open mind since the struggle of race is not specifically attacthed to one specific ethnicity.

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The day I decided to love myself

Let’s start by stating the obvious, the world is hard. Being a girl means already being part of a discriminated group; and then add the fact that I’m a… 275 more words

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Issues With Image: If I Weren't So Ugly

I need to provide a few disclaimers once so I don’t have to re iterate constantly. This isn’t A level English- I don’t have to desperately maximise the word count. 1,720 more words

Embrace yourself 

I know that when I leave the house, whether it be to go shopping or to college, I am always paranoid about being judged.

It’s not something that I specifically choose to think about, but today’s society has changed the thoughts that swirl in our heads. 336 more words


Visit me at Utepils Brewery for Books and Beer Pop-up Bookstore

On December 10th from 1 to 6 pm I will be selling my books at Utepils Brewing Company for my second appearance with the Books and Beer Pop-Up Bookstore. 238 more words

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