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History #Trivia - April 16 to April 30 by Kaye Spencer

April 16, 1178 BCE: A solar eclipse ‘may’ have marked Odysseus’ return to his kingdom of Ithaca after his lengthy travels at end of Trojan War. 405 more words

Kaye's Ramblings

Better bedhead than dead 

*Disclaimer: This blog post was written under the influence of pain mediciation, so I am not responsible for any grammatical or spelling errors. 

Last week at this time I was living life and now my claim to fame is getting out of bed on my own. 505 more words


Poetry Workshop Results

Saturday I helped lead a poetry workshop at the 2017 Holly Springs Arts Festival with my friends and fellow poets Tara Lynne Groth and Chris Abbate. 185 more words


Infographic on: Appendectomies

Over the span of my career, I Dr. Clemens Gerstenkorn, have performed a large number of appendectomies. In this short Infographic, I have summarised three main points which I feel are important to explain, when viewing the surgical aspect of this procedure. 63 more words

Up Close and Personal: Appendicitis

Lately I’ve felt compelled to share my story. As this just happens to be the anniversary of my surgery, I suppose it’s appropriate! I original had the whoooooole story on here but decided that most people don’t really want to read through all of that. 2,361 more words

Chocolate Cream Pie: A Thanksgiving Story

I was 12 years old on Thanksgiving Day 1988. The one day of the year I could count on to provide me with my favorite holiday treat, chocolate cream pie. 2,188 more words

Creative Writing

When a Loss is a Gain

Ten years ago, I lost part of myself.

Not figuratively.

I truly lost part of myself.

The day began with an intact Michael and ended with Michael and his appendix residing on different floors of the same hospital. 820 more words