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It Doesn't Get any Worse Than This

As I write this, watching the circle of pointlessness spin on my work computer to remind me that it is too busy to allow me to work, I thought I would take a few minutes to say: hi, I’m back. 426 more words

Personal Journal


Having my appendix taken out – which also just so happened to be my first major surgery – was pure insanity. Well, maybe just the time leading up to my actual appendectomy… but still, you get the picture. 625 more words

Appendicitis - What is it, and why is it so dangerous?

The appendix is a small, tube-like vestigial organ that hangs from the large intestine, with an immune-related function early in life, but adults can live a normal life without it. 778 more words

Advanced Surgical Partners Of Virginia

Scar Tissue Workshop with Sharon Wheeler review

In the past years, I’ve noticed the strongest trend in my Rolfing continuing ed and the one I’ve benefited most from is adding tissues to my repertoire. 1,142 more words


whelp, 2015 is definitely keeping me on my toes...

For lent, I decided to give up my appendix.

Beat that, suckas!!!

Last week I had lunch at school with my son, and around 2 that afternoon I knew something was wrong but I decided it must be a simple reaction to school lunch and went along with my day. 404 more words


A terrible case of Munchhausen's

At work, I spend the day with a class of seven-year olds. They’re fun, bright and still working on the difference between reality and fantasy. This fact is how I came to waste the NHS a chunk of money in 1969. 504 more words


Book Review: Heaven is for Real

  Preschooler Colton requires an emergency appendectomy and during his moments between life and death he experiences heaven, the love of Jesus, and time with family members that he hadn’t met on earth. 84 more words

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