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Better bedhead than dead 

*Disclaimer: This blog post was written under the influence of pain mediciation, so I am not responsible for any grammatical or spelling errors. 

Last week at this time I was living life and now my claim to fame is getting out of bed on my own. 505 more words


Poetry Workshop Results

Saturday I helped lead a poetry workshop at the 2017 Holly Springs Arts Festival with my friends and fellow poets Tara Lynne Groth and Chris Abbate. 185 more words


Infographic on: Appendectomies

Over the span of my career, I Dr. Clemens Gerstenkorn, have performed a large number of appendectomies. In this short Infographic, I have summarised three main points which I feel are important to explain, when viewing the surgical aspect of this procedure. 63 more words

Up Close and Personal: Appendicitis

Lately I’ve felt compelled to share my story. As this just happens to be the anniversary of my surgery, I suppose it’s appropriate! I original had the whoooooole story on here but decided that most people don’t really want to read through all of that. 2,361 more words

Chocolate Cream Pie: A Thanksgiving Story

I was 12 years old on Thanksgiving Day 1988. The one day of the year I could count on to provide me with my favorite holiday treat, chocolate cream pie. 2,188 more words

Creative Writing

When a Loss is a Gain

Ten years ago, I lost part of myself.

Not figuratively.

I truly lost part of myself.

The day began with an intact Michael and ended with Michael and his appendix residing on different floors of the same hospital. 820 more words

Why I'm Grateful...

How do you celebrate life?  In light of the craziness and business of our lives, I would like to take a pause and let you know why I am grateful to be alive today. 833 more words

Inspirational Insights