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I can’t believe how the time flies

We’ve already said our goodbyes

I got into the groove

And now we must move

And drive east into the sunrise… 639 more words

Appendicitis in Peru

The loud ringer on my Nokia brick phone echoed throughout my room. I let the catchy, yet annoying song finish as I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair. 523 more words

Peace Corps Peru

Me and my functions

I’ve got some good news! I visited Ninewells Hospital in Dundee on Friday, not because my medical marvel appendix has finally decided to divorce me, but for a medical interview and I think it went really well. 529 more words

Week 2: Doctors, K-pop and Mama's Comedy

This week was definitely interesting. Things happened that I never would have expected and I’m thrilled about it, well, most of it anyway.

The week started off on such a lovely note. 324 more words

Radang Usus Buntu (Apendisitis Akut)

Apendisitis akut adalah suatu radang pada mukosa apendiks vermiformis yang muncul secara mendadak dan merupakan salah satu kasus akut abdomen yang sering ditemui. Apendisitis akut dapat disebabkan oleh beberapa hal antara lain hiperplasia jaringan limfe, sumbatan… 1,825 more words

Lontar Kesehatan

Fashion is a Tyrant!

In these days there is much talk about being hardy. Think how the children are “hardened”! Nowadays (in wealthy homes, of course, but then other people quickly follow suit) the children are dressed — well, when we were children, we wore long breeches and were well covered — at the most, we went barefoot — now, the clothes only go down to the knee or are still shorter. 80 more words


The Pain and Joy of Pain: Dick Roth and the Gold that Almost Wasn't

“I can withstand pain. In fact, I love pain.”

Olympic champion, Dick Roth, referred to pain as his advantage. The 1964 gold medalist in the 400-meter individual swimming medley believed he could tolerate more pain than almost any of his competitors. 1,182 more words