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Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix, a 3 1/2-inch-long tube of tissue that extends from the large intestine. No one is absolutely certain what the function of the appendix is. 353 more words

Human Digestive System

Differentiation of Acute Appendicitis in the Field

Abdominal pain is common complaint that can arise from many different etiologies. Here’s some tips to help you differentiate appendicitis from other problems in the field. 549 more words


Crazy week

This whole last week has been crazy hectic. I planned on starting a temperature blanket and didn’t really get a chance to. Happy new year to us my oldest got sick with appendicitis. 557 more words


A Year for Smiles - Day 2

Reason to SMILE #2: Banana Popsicles!

The year I turned 12, I had to have my appendix removed.  For those of you who’ve never experienced appendicitis, you must know that it is not enjoyable.   382 more words


A Christmas Eve Memory

It was shaping up to be a stress-free Christmas. For the first time ever, my wife, Myra, had prepared most of the Christmas dinner and fix-in’s ahead, so it would just be a matter of warming things up on Christmas day. 428 more words


Antibiotics-First Vs Surgery for Appendicitis

Talan, D.A. et al. Annals of Emergency Medicine. Published online: December 11 2016

Study objective: Randomized trials suggest that nonoperative treatment of uncomplicated appendicitis with antibiotics-first is safe. 58 more words

11 (November 2016)

Up Close and Personal: Appendicitis

Lately I’ve felt compelled to share my story. As this just happens to be the anniversary of my surgery, I suppose it’s appropriate! I original had the whoooooole story on here but decided that most people don’t really want to read through all of that. 2,361 more words