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Letter: Many are turned away at new ER

Re: “Patients flocking to new MUHC ER” (Montreal Gazette, July 25)

The story of the Royal Victoria Hospital’s newly expanded ER painted a glorious picture, however, it did not give the complete story and may be somewhat misleading. 103 more words



Okay so here goes the first post!…

Just over 2 weeks ago I was rushed into A&E with Appendicitis! Appendicitis is something which I always put in the ‘it must be awful but it wont happen to me pile’. 491 more words


Appendicitis or normal stomach ache ?

Appendicitis or normal stomach ache ? . I’ve been thinking about this two thing ever since this morning when i get a really-real-hurt-stomach ache… 357 more words

My Problems

To Cut or Not to Cut - A Tale of Two Appendices (Diver Soren Svejstrup and Swimmer Dick Roth)

Diver, Søren Svejstrup of Denmark, was performing well after the first round of the ten-meter dive competition in 1964. In the second round, Svejstrup was in fourth place and closing in on a medal opportunity. 429 more words


On Running and Appendectomies

I have a problem. That being, I am inherently lazy. It’s something I’ve learned to cope with as I got older and I have since devised ways to keep myself moving. 1,047 more words


Who Stole My Country 13 - I Become a Reader

In the spring of 1947, as I was riding home from school, I developed severe stomach pains.  I told my mother I wanted to lie down, an unheard of proposal before that moment.  554 more words

Antibiotics resurface as alternative to removing appendix

Every year, 300,000 Americans with appendicitis are rushed into emergency surgery. Most are told that if the appendix is not immediately removed, it will burst — with potentially fatal consequences. 748 more words