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Not the vacation we planned - Part 2

Upon learning that Jaycie would need to be transported via ambulance to Boston Children’s Hospital from Beverly Hospital, the steel reinforcements around my emotions began to crumble. 1,044 more words



Appendicitis is acute inflammation of vermiform appendix. So first you should know about Appendix.
Appendix is actually a vestigial part of intestinal tract, it looks like a worm therefore named as vermiform appendix. 1,041 more words

Healthy Lifestyle And Medical Problems

Not the vacation we planned - Part 1

The vacation with my girls this summer was supposed to be full of fun adventures/misadventures, but instead, it was spent in emergency rooms and hospitals. … 833 more words


Soap Operatic

The flying dogma harm, it should be delicate
Can be a double-rainbow salad
They have those tinted moral cabins
Made me swallow my entire existence… 100 more words

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What are the Treatment Options for Appendicitis?

Appendicitis is one of the most common conditions requiring surgery today.  It is said that one out of 15 people in the world have suffered from appendicitis at some point in their lives.  598 more words

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Pimp the Expert - Appendicitis #foamed #foamus #meded #pocus #ultrasound #pem

Another episode of Pimp the expert.  Where we take that time honored (or time hated) tradition and flip it upside down.  


Antibiotics for appendicitis (focus on perforated appendicitis)

Kronman MP, et al. Extended- Versus Narrower-Spectrum Antibiotics for Appendicitis. Pediatrics. 2016 Jul;138(1). pii: e20154547.

“This large, multicenter study found no advantage of empiric extended-spectrum antibiotic therapy for children with uncomplicated or complicated appendicitis. 785 more words