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How my cat saved my life -- just last week

I have to give credit where credit is due — even if it is to a self-centered beast who walks all over me. That’s right: my cat. 676 more words


Thursday (OnlyInMyFamily) Doors!

As promised last week, I bring you Columbus doors. My son graduated from THE Ohio State University on Sunday so we eagerly drove the seven hours to celebrate his many accomplishments at this great university in this fun town. 259 more words


Bree's Medical update

I haven’t written in a while if you had read my previous posts my oldest daughter had been very ill this winter. After numerous tests including an MRI and a few ultrasounds, and X-rays. 586 more words


When You Hear the Sound of Hooves, Think Horses, Not Zebras

This is what medical students are taught about the diagnosis process. Start at the most common and work your way down to the rare diagnoses. It was first coined by Dr Theodore Woodward, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine during the 1940’s and it is still used during medical teaching. 508 more words


Stubborn Appendicitis

I’ve been told there is a slight chance that I could possibly, maybe, remotely be stubborn. I really don’t think I am. But, maybe that’s me being stubborn. 857 more words

Basic Anatomy

Science has yet to “explain” everything about the world we live in, but researchers have been working “diligently” on the age old question of: What is the best position to evacuate your bowels… 268 more words


JAMA Paediatrics: Comparison of Antibiotic Therapy and Appendectomy for Acute Uncomplicated Appendicitis in Children

Question  Are antibiotics as initial treatment appropriate for uncomplicated acute appendicitis in pediatric patients?

Findings  In this meta-analysis of 5 studies (including 404 patients), antibiotic treatment was safe and effective in 152 of 168 pediatric patients (90.5%), but the risk for treatment failure increased significantly in patients with appendicolith. 29 more words

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