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The Appendix: A Useless Poison Sac

Let’s face it we’ve all been to the hospital for one reason or another. It could be due to sickness or injury, either way some of us have spent more time than others. 1,133 more words

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Surgery in South India

“Hello mum, I do not want you to panic, but I am having emergency surgery tomorrow morning!”

That is the last thing any parent would want to hear from their child when they are abroad in a foreign country. 1,994 more words


Usus buntu! Sebuah perjalanan

Never ever ever again.

Untung usus buntu itu diciptakan untuk ga tumbuh lagi. Jadi setidaknya ga akan ada kemungkinan terjadi lagi appendisitis.

Sehari setelah operasi, Ko masih merasakan kantuk yang lumayan dan otak yang melayang. 619 more words


Some fuckin' weight reduction

I asked the most wonderful ER nurse (that’s you, Mattie!) before surgery exactly where the appendix was and she pulled up some images on Google for me. 128 more words


Stuck in Two Different Countries With a Burst Appendix

“This pain is unbearable. I feel like little monsters are stabbing the right side of my stomach and there’s nothing I can do about it!!!!” 2,266 more words


My Cup Is Half Full, Even When It Spills.

I woke up in the hospital bed with three bandages across my abdomen covering up three tiny holes. Have I been shot? Have I been stabbed? 2,661 more words


Not the vacation we planned - Part 2

Upon learning that Jaycie would need to be transported via ambulance to Boston Children’s Hospital from Beverly Hospital, the steel reinforcements around my emotions began to crumble. 1,044 more words