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The Side Sickness

In the middle ages, disease, its cause and its cure were all a mystery. For most forms of illness, the only treatment was prayer. One disease called side sickness was universally recognized as a death sentence, a very painful one at that. 175 more words

Saint Louis


This is inflammation of your appendix causing pain = Appendicitis

The appendix is a very small pouch connected to the large intestine where stool is formed. 124 more words


Where It All Began - Part 4

Beginning in 2010, we’d been through all kinds of testing, imaging, OTC drug therapies for dealing with what might be labeled IBS. I was really tired of seeing my kid in pain, when all of the other kids his age were doing sports, having sleep overs, eating comfort foods like pizza and ice cream. 688 more words

From The Beginning


This glass is part of an arty bannister arrangement in the new building at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. I photographed it earlier this week while I was a patient there. 662 more words

Wordpress Challenges

Report: Black kids receive less pain medication in ER than white kids

Researchers reported Monday findings that indicate a visit to the ER can be far more painful for African-American children than for white children.

For example, children with appendicitis are more likely to receive pain medicine if they are white than if they are black, despite the fact that appendicitis is a clearly painful medical emergency. 153 more words


My First (and hopefully only) Overnight Stay on the NHS

In some respects I’ve been very lucky with my health.¬† Although I’ve cracked my ribs and my sternum, I haven’t had any seriously debilitating medical conditions up until I broke my wrist earlier this year and even that wasn’t as bad as it could have been. 1,720 more words


Chronic, grumbly, appendicitis.

This is something we have been battling with for 9 months now. It started in January, 2015 when my 8 year old daughter was unwell for two weeks. 972 more words