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Poached Egg and Coleslaw Burger !!!

I love experimenting and today I poached eggs the way it should be . I used no oil and poaching was just perfect . Eggs turned out to be very soft and creamy textured. 199 more words


Grilled Aubergine with paneer and mint

The poor man’s caviar at its best, chargrilled aubergine with melting paneer and refreshing mint, simple yet delicious. This has turned out to be better than expected…seriously who would have that just five ingredients could be turned into a gourmet delight and yet be a feast for the eyes. 582 more words


Cappuccino Cup Cakes !!!

Another baking session and I am getting better and better. This time to break the monotony i tried my favourite flavour coffee. I baked Cappuccino Cup cakes by just adding a teaspoon of coffee and practiced few icing techniques. 285 more words


Homemade Butter

I have only made butter once, to go with my Irish Soda Bread. It was a very fun experiment that tasted delicious the best bit was the surprised faces when I explained that I had churned the butter myself… sounds like hours of back breaking work doesn’t it? 154 more words


Easy Irish Soda Bread

I have always said that I am a terrible baker and those who have tasted my attempts at baking in the past have always agreed with me. 270 more words


Crostini con crema di carciofi - crostini with artichoke spread

I have been cooking on an electric cooktop for many years. For some reason the places I rented (and then owned), always had electricity rather than gas. 716 more words

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A Fresh Salad for Lunar New Year: Pomelo, Pomegranate and Spinach Salad

As Lunar New Year draws closer, I’m starting to think about what sorts of foods to serve. It’s traditional to have at least one vegetarian dish on the Lunar New Year. 355 more words