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The Devil's Workshop

I just read that card playing “is used by Satan to seduce people into other activities.” Prostitution?  Drugs?  Grabbing intimate body parts?

I guess I’m on the road to Hell today because I’m going to play cards with a group of fun, if hell-bent, ladies.   8 more words

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Tuna Helper

I remember when Hamburger Helper first hit the shelves in the supermarkets.  My mom thought it was a cool idea; easy for her and filling.  She also thought Tuna Helper was pretty good because she regularly made tuna casseroles.   244 more words

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Don't Hurt Yourself

I enjoy cooking, so when I don’t want to cook, I don’t.  I never want to associate this wonderful past time with drudgery or, eek, housework :)  Still, everyday is different, dependent on whether I want to be challenged by an involved and complicated dish or I just want to make something attractive, tasty and easy.   253 more words

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Fresh Sardine Fillets with Herbs

Workers have gutted my large upstairs bathroom for a complete renovation.  It gets on my nerves that construction dust covers the whole of my townhouse.  I drink coffee at the cafe for as long as possible, go shopping for things I don’t need and while avoiding the house I don’t cook very much and eat French junk food (really bad).   223 more words

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