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Fall Treat!


I know I’ve established my family’s love of Garrett’s popcorn.  It’s that love of caramel corn that caused me to dig up an old recipe.  291 more words


Something for the Trail

Meeshie and I went to camp this past weekend with her girl scout troop.  I love her troop.  Every girl makes me smile and every mom makes me laugh.  268 more words


Chili Pie

We went the Chicago Auto Show over the weekend.  It’s always a great way to look at all the new cars without the hassle of the salesman.  593 more words


Another Great Dip

My sister and her family came over last week.  My niece went to San Diego during the Christmas break with her high school band and they came over to watch it.  263 more words


More Snacks!

I’m a sucker for Reese’s Pieces.  I don’t want to say that a certain movie with a loveable alien changed my life, but maybe it did.  174 more words


Let's Snack!

I love a good snack.  I especially love one that’s easy to make but also twisted.

Take these pretzels.  They are so good.  Meeshie and my husband can’t stop eating them.  213 more words


More Zucchini

We are still enjoying our garden zucchini.  I’m thanking the unusually hot summer.  I usually don’t have zucchini this long, unless I plant additional halfway through the season.    305 more words