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Comprehensive Distributed Cache and Security Token Service Config Review for SharePoint 2013

First, Because Math. Remember this.

Now on the real subject. How to actually setup Distributed Cache and Security Token Service in SharePoint with SAML (ADFS) with Load Balancing across a 6 tier farm. 859 more words


Project Server 2013 AppFabric Pre-Req installation issues

Previously in Pre Requisites installations if you had a server that had no internet access all that was required was to download them and copy them across to the server. 126 more words


PowerShell : Vérification du niveau de patch du service AppFabric

Voici une commande PowerShell permettant de vérifier l’application des CU pour le service AppFabric. 47 more words


Just AppFabric Cache Programming

Talk about AppFabric that I just played around with. The Windows (the Server, of course) AppFabric Caching programming model is customized for the cache-aside programming patterns. 176 more words

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Whenever Caches Facing Eviction

Let me tell you something that you already know, cached items do not reside in memory forever. Apart from being taken away explicitly by user through the Remove command, cached items also can be removed automatically by Windows Server AppFabric through two mechanism, expiration and eviction. 142 more words

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Caches, Please Move Aside!

Distributed caching system enables two models of architectures. The first one is known as Read-Through Patterns, where cache acts as a proxy to the database. 252 more words

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Change Service Managed Account for Distributed Cache SP2013

When you get the annoying pink marker in CA and one of the issues it warns you about, is that ‘the farm account should not be used for other services’ In my case, the scripted install had set the ‘Distributed Cache Service (Windows Service)’ to use the  farm account as managed account. 217 more words