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Required desired capabilities to Launch app in iOS/Android

To launch app in our iOS/Android devices , appium require few basic desired capabilities . To communicate with devices/simulator via client/ test script , appium require proper settings which is known as desired capabilities. 563 more words

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Start Appium Server in different way

We can start appium server in 3 different way .

  1. Start Appium server using AppiumDriverLocalService
  2. Using Appium.js with Node.exe (opening GUI version of Appium using code)
  3. Start Appium server using Command Prompt

[Appium] response of /source by Appium/WDA

https://github.com/appium/WebDriverAgent returns the response with header Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8.

The body encode should be UTF-8, but /source endpoint by the appium/WebDriverAgent was detected as ASCII-8BIT… 145 more words

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[Appium] disableSuppressAccessibilityService

Appium 1.18.0 finally got disableSuppressAccessibilityService capability. It allows users to run tests against the app under test that requires accessibility service such as TalkBack.

In general, the service works only one, but… 63 more words

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[Appium] iOS x Audio Capture

Audio capturing feature for iOS is coming in Appium 1.18.0 https://appium.io/docs/en/writing-running-appium/ios/audio-capture/ (Currently it is available as appium@beta). It is not handy to record audio especially on real devices, but when we bypass audio input from iPhone to the host macOS machine via MIDI, it can. 61 more words

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Setting up First Appium Test with all Required Configurations on Linux-Ubuntu

Appium is a free and open source mobile automation framework used for mobile web, native, hybrid application testing. Appium server is scripted in node.js and is compatible with leading languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, PHP and many more. 1,242 more words

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Writing Your First Appium Test

Hola Testers!

After a long long time I’m back here to talk about your first appium test. Yes, I’m gonna talk about creating your first appium test using java for a Android app. 515 more words