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Carl Icahn Sells his Entire Stake in $APPL, Is it the Next Nokia?

The Guardian– Carl Icahn, the billionaire activist investor who has long been one of the most prominent voices declaring the company to be undervalued, says he has sold his entire stake in the technology firm, citing the risk of China’s influence on the stock. 471 more words

Apple getting a bigger bite?

Apple is seen as the biggest company in the technology industry with the iPhone as their trademark product. I have found that with recent leaks of the possible iPhone 7 design that apple are planning to only allow wireless headphones by cutting the headphone port! 55 more words

Stock Analysis

Being Replaceable

Everyone likes to think that they are special, but the truth is that you are replaceable. There is someone doing the exact same thing you’re doing at another computer, who works harder, works faster, is smarter, has more experience, is a better leader, and willing to work for less pay. 345 more words


The Timeline of An Investigation

In the last post on Cyber Criminal Law, I briefly discussed why law enforcement could get information from a smartphone which would be unavailable from another source. 533 more words


Why can’t law enforcement get the data on a smartphone from another source?

In the last post on Cyber Criminal Law, I discussed the setup of the conflict between Apple and the FBI. In this post, I want to discuss why law enforcement can’t get the data on a smartphone from someplace other than that smartphone. 439 more words


Apple vs. The FBI

There have been many articles published recently about Apple, the FBI, and the struggle between Apple and the FBI with regard to smartphone encryption. That struggle involves a myriad of legal and policy issues. 685 more words