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Book of the Week: The Monk and the Riddle

This week I read The Monk and the Riddle, by Randy Komisar, who works for a VC firm currently being sued by Ellen Pao for gender discrimination. 278 more words


Apple Granted Patent for Virtual Reality Headset

Apple may be experimenting in the virtual reality space. The company has been granted a patent for a head-mounted virtual reality device that would use the iPhone screen as the display. 151 more words

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Swing Trading

Apparently, the method of trading that I have chosen to practice is known as swing trading.  Swing trading is a conjectural activity in the financial market where tradable assets  are held for a few days and sold days later in an attempt to profit from the price swing.   259 more words

Plan for February 9

As of February 8, 2015, I am currently holding 3 shares of GE, 1 share of APPL, and 14 shares of NUGT. Although I have lost $7.71 from NUGT, at its current price of $16.12, once NUGT reaches $18.50, I will sell all my shares of NUGT.   141 more words

Here's Where People Are Using Apple Pay the Most (APPL)

We’re now getting a better picture of where iPhone users are taking advantage of Apple Pay.

Between its launch on Oct. 16 to the end of November, Apple Pay has already grown to represent 1.7% of mobile payments. 143 more words



A circuit-level gateway decides that a called for session is lawful only the SYN flags, ACK flags, and chronological succession numbers required in the TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL shake between the sworn customer and the untrusted master of ceremonies are lucid. 226 more words