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You’ve heard of timeshares before (usually in the company of billowy aloha shirts and drinks with umbrellas).

But here’s a new one: Marc+Spring, an online startup launching this week that offers fractional ownership in high-end wrist candy—allowing you to wear a Patek Philippe or… 74 more words


Apple Live Event Notes and the Full Introduction of the Apple Watch


Suzanne Coleman

What new information was discussed and does it matter?  (Old info will not be reviewed again.)  Technical note, their audio is in and out so it’s a bit hard to stay focused, plus the speakers go very slowly.   1,014 more words

Stocks And Economics

AT&T’s stock could beat Apple’s now that it’s out of the Dow - MarketWatch


These were my thoughts when I posted yesterday. Glad to see some of the same thoughts backed up by actual numbers.

Although past performances cannot predict future results(past Dow removals), I do not feel that just because T was removed from the Dow means that the company has anything inherently wrong with it. 21 more words

Looks Like I Will Be Collecting A Dividend For A While

T is hitting the skids in pre market.
Well, we will see how it plays out.

Keep cranking,

Robert the DividendDreamer

Book of the Week: The Monk and the Riddle

This week I read The Monk and the Riddle, by Randy Komisar, who works for a VC firm currently being sued by Ellen Pao for gender discrimination. 278 more words


Apple Granted Patent for Virtual Reality Headset

Apple may be experimenting in the virtual reality space. The company has been granted a patent for a head-mounted virtual reality device that would use the iPhone screen as the display. 151 more words

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Swing Trading

Apparently, the method of trading that I have chosen to practice is known as swing trading.  Swing trading is a conjectural activity in the financial market where tradable assets  are held for a few days and sold days later in an attempt to profit from the price swing.   259 more words