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The Journals of Washington Irving

Source: William P. Trent and George S. Hellman (eds.), The Journals of Washington Irving, vol. 1 (Boston, The Bibliophile Society, 1919), p. 123

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She started her song;
Song of her heart,
Song of her life!

They booed;
No ears!

Tears drenched her!
The song anchored,
Modulations infused! 29 more words


A Retail Checklist from Applause°

Applause° offers “a worldwide community of digital experience experts to help you improve every phase of software development.” It “connects your apps, Web sites, IoT products, and in-store experiences to… 139 more words

Part 3: Targeting Customers And Gathering Information

Concert etiquette for beginners


The problem of attending a classical music concert for a newcomer is a real one but is based essentially on a misunderstanding. The popular conception of classical concerts, perpetuated by Hollywood and others, as hoity-toity social affairs, bears little resemblance to reality, especially these days. 968 more words

Classical Music



Salford , 7th June 2017

an Acrostic by Brian F Kirkham

On the whole, the performance was well received

Violets and petunias as well as the obligatory roses were… 35 more words


Dr. Pamela Denkins honored at the 2017 Outstanding Women in Science Seminar Series

Dr. Pamela Denkins honored at the 2017 Outstanding Women in Science Seminar Series

On May 16, 2017, Dr. Pamela Denkins was honored at the Outstanding Women in Science (OWIS) Seminar Series, presented by the Association for Women in Science Gulf Coast Houston (AWIS GCH), for her contributions at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Johnson Space Center and for her involvement as a leader in education and outreach. 62 more words


Ego needs applause

Ego needs applause

We say we want to share
But our ego is tricky
Wants to be heard and seen
Needs you, wherever you are… 45 more words