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Employee Motivation is Not Rocket Science

When asked to identify his strength as a leader, Steve responded, “I’m a motivator.”

“How do you motivate your team?” I asked.

“I encourage my employees to push themselves.  179 more words

Effective Leader

"Give me that thing that I love." -- CMV/AMV Saturday (04/14/18)

Please enjoy your weekend with this Yuri!!! On Ice AMV by MS-MV:

The song “Applause” as covered by Sam Tsui very straightforwardly describes Victor’s mindset pre-Yuuri almost to a startling degree, and I love it; before Yuuri, all Victor cared about was wow-ing and surprising his audience, and I suppose that the reason that I enjoy this video so much is because I never thought about how well it would fit until someone assembled this video, which is admittedly just a well-edited skating montage… 91 more words


Problems of an Overworked Librarian #50

To all the Library Workers Out There…

Thank You for Being Awesome


"Please Feel Free"

(March 6, 2018)

you have permission

to be offended but don’t

expect applause

J Richards


hands slumbered like doves
on eave then soared up swiftly
alarmed by plaudits

© All rights reserved 2018

Tetiana Aleksina

Ego needs applause

We say we want to share
But our ego is tricky
Wants to be heard and seen
Needs you, wherever you are

We fly in lies… 41 more words