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Apple Aperture

Aperture is Apple’s upscale version of iPhoto featuring full, non-destructive image editing and Raw import capability for around $199.00.

Like iPhoto and Lightroom, images are imported into a library, and you have the option of storing them in the library along with the application’s database (all of which exist in a self-contained “package” file) or in their original locations within the file structure. 203 more words


Creating a Collage in Aperture 3

In the past I have used Picnik.com to create collages.  It is a process were I must first export photos from Aperture 3 to a JPEG file and then upload them into Picnik.com. 176 more words


Working with Big Events in Aperture 3

I photographed two large sporting events over the last month.  The combined photograph take turned out to be over 5,000 images.  The reason for the large tally was my use of the Nikon D700 camera coupled with the… 590 more words


Selective Color Using Aperture 3

Many photo editors easily do selective color.  I have done it in Apple’s Aperture 3 photo editing and management system.  However, I did it the hard way.  235 more words

New York

Not to Disappoint...An HDR Castle

Hope you were not expecting another castle. :)  I did a few HDR exposure sets while I was doing the summer shoot of Crouse College at Syracuse University last weekend.  147 more words

New York

Apple Releases Aperture 3 - Retail Price Is $199, Upgrade Costs $99

It’s been almost 2 years to the day when Apple released Aperture 2.0, and this morning the company announced that the third iteration of the photo editing and management software is… 382 more words