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BBM for iOS updated with BBM Protected improvements

After the BlackBerry 10 and Android update to the BBM few weeks ago, it got updated for iOS aswell (v293.0.0.20 to be exact for iOS). 314 more words

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Why App Developers Prefer Apple App Store to Google Play Store

There are quite a number of reasons as to why developers will first choose the App Store over Google’s Play Store, however, the major one is actually the set-up of Apple’s user base. 550 more words

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6 Common Reasons Why Apple Rejects Your App

In 2008, 32 apps per day were submitted to the iTunes app store. Now, the submission figures are 1,976 apps per day. Going through each app for approval process is a difficult job for iTunes Workers. 549 more words

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Maybe we should expect this at the close of every year… Kim recently released her own Emojis which she aptly named “KIMOJIS” and it’s the definition of tease. 81 more words

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Google Play Store Vs Apple App Store

Google play Vs Apple App store the battle for the mobile app market. In this battle for apps download, who will win out? On one side Google the king of search engine and the other hand Apple king of innovation and electronic gadget. 69 more words

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Can Phil Schiller fix the Apple App Store?

Tim Cook just handed the keys to the Apple App Store to senior VP Phil Schiller. Will Schiller bring order and intelligibility to Apple’s app jungle? 1,007 more words

City Skate on Apple TV

GRACIE & FRIENDS CITY SKATE was released with the launch of the latest Apple TV (which now allows for interactive games and apps), and is featured as one of Apple TV’s Best New Apps in the Education category! 15 more words