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Do you really need to be notified every second of every day with every App??

Wouldn’t be nice to not have to be Notified by every new message, new text, new reaction; every minute of every day? 263 more words

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Fix an Apple Notes Problem in ios 11 that Prevents You from Saving Data to Notes


After updating my 9.7” iPad Pro to ios 11.3.1, I began experiencing a frustrating problem with Apple Notes. Mind you, this wasn’t the first Apple Notes problem that I’ve encountered with ios 11. 1,620 more words


New Trick for PDF Creation of Complex Webpages & Layouts on ios



Creating PDF’s for Difficult to Manage Webpages Can Be Challenging

Most of the time when I need to create a PDF on the spur of the moment, I use Apple’s built-in but somewhat secret PDF creation utility which… 699 more words

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Apple's plan to put medical records on your iPhone Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today the company officially unveiled its plan to make iPhone owners’ medical records available at the touch of a button via its Health app.

SEE ALSO: Apple is testing a new feature to give you access to medical records on your devices… 658 more words

Find Passwords Saved in Safari for iPad & iPhone on ios 11

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One of the great things about using ios devices like iPads and iPhones is the was Apple saves and stores passwords for you. 232 more words

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Help Save MacOS Server Caching and Why You Should

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If You Use MacOS Server’s Caching Feature

Please Consider Sending Feedback to Apple Requesting That They Reinstate the Caching Feature of the Server App! 3,855 more words


Apple Just Bought This Canadian Software Startup

Apple just bought a Canadian startup that specializes in creating software development tools for coders.

Buddybuild, which disclosed the acquisition on Tuesday in a blog post, 230 more words