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RBC ups Apple price target to $168

Quoting from a note to clients by RBC analyst Amit Daryanani, Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Apple 3.0:

AAPL has potential to achieve a $1.0 trillion dollar market cap and even surpass that over the next 12–18 months. 379 more words


You can now learn to play the guitar through a game on your iPad thanks to Ubisoft's Rocksmith

In the late aughts to early twenty-tens, music games were the video game genre.

For a brief period of time, Activision’s Guitar Hero series embodied the epitome of popular culture, closely followed by its main competitor, Harmonix’s… 893 more words

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Google opens up computerized right hand to iPhone

New York: Announcing on Wednesday that it would make its computerized right hand accessible on Apple Inc’s iPhone, Alphabet Inc’s Google opened up the apparatus to a key top of the line portion of the innovation showcase. 40 more words

Once upon a time I had a cooking blog

It is true, I had a cooking blog. I love to cook and enjoyed writing about it. I shared some of my European recipes with my blogging friends. 471 more words

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Once upon a time I had a cooking blog

  It is true, I had a cooking blog. I love to cook and enjoyed writing about it. I shared some of my European recipes with my blogging friends. The blog was called “Bringing worlds together in my kitchen.” Then life threw me another curveball. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disorder and I knew right from the start that my life would change -in more than one way. I was in agony, wanted to roll up in a ball and stay in bed for days. Image result for rheumatoid arthritis quotes I refused the heavy medications right from the start; my instinct told me to look for alternative ways first. I found doctors who agreed with me, sadly, none of them were here in the U.S. You are what you eat…I couldn’t help but think about the old saying. Perhaps I had eaten too many good meals and had to pay the price now. I stopped my cooking blog at the moment I changed my diet. It was a long road until I found out that too much protein hurt me. All those low carb diets that I had followed over the years were biting me in the butt. Then, finally, I found a doctor in California who believed what so many all over the word are saying. Food and the way we eat are influencing our overall well-being more than we think. They say you have to change your lifestyle for six months before you will see any results and turns out THEY are right. Also, come to find out, six months is a damn long time if you give up what you thought you couldn’t live without. I gave up chicken and eggs; I gave up dairy and caffeine -what was the hardest thing to do. Today we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of fish and no processed food. Luckily, I can buy healthy meat at a nearby farm. Occasionally I slip, mostly around the Holidays, and then I start hurting again within a few hours. Today I live a good life, there is hardly any pain. I don’t take any medications other that vitamins and supplements. Every six month I go to a checkup, just to piss my doctors off, the ones that didn’t have any time, when I wanted to show them all my research. I feel sorry for all the patients in the waiting room who have to take heavy medication to suppress a sick immune system even more. Drugs, that work like chemotherapy, with side effects longer than my arm. I have no right to talk to them, but I wish I could. I am not saying all medications are bad, not at all. Some we have to take, there is just no way around. But I do wish we would eventually acknowledge that there might be alternatives before we fire the big guns. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. More about my cooking blog tomorrow… Related image

Matt DeHart: American Civil/Human Rights Violated.

“When you know you have rights and then you’re told they don’t exist because of national security, that kind of changes things.”

“We exhausted every resource we had” 5,230 more words


As technology lends you its ear, these technologies will determine what it hears

In 1999, while traveling through Eastern Europe, I was robbed in a relatively remote area of the Czech Republic.

Someone called the police, but we quickly realized we couldn’t communicate: They didn’t speak English and I could offer no Czech. 922 more words


Apple is reportedly planning new MacBooks as it faces mounting pressure from Microsoft's Surface line

Apple Inc. plans to announce an update to its laptop lineup at an annual conference for app developers in early June, a move that could help offset new competition from Microsoft Corp. 545 more words

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