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Apple's Best Ever Invention Isn't iPhone Or iPad....!!

The Only History That Is Worth A Tinker’s Damn Is The History You Make Today.  ~ Henry Ford

On January 9, 2007 . Steve Jobs launches the first ever Apple’s Device , whose main aim was to converge three basic functions of any electronic device namely Music Player,Phone and Internet Browsing.

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Google Might Knock Down Apple In Near Future

Apple Inc. already has taken a devastating hit on its economy in the previous quarter. While the stand of  Apple Inc. against FBI is ambiguous to Black & White, it sure as hell has transformed from fight to battle and the damages are bound to be dealt on either sides, unfortunately for Apple the timing s***s. 175 more words


They Say Apple's Watch Is Over Priced

Various tech. survey has revealed that Apple has over priced their smart-watch. Over a span of time Apple has received a lot of criticism  for the costing of its watch. 316 more words


The Fall Of The Apple Inc.

So far this year has been nightmare for Apple Inc., Although Apple tried to put a strong stand when in early 2016 it confirmed it’s First Off-Shore Development Centre* to be established in India. 222 more words


Apple Inc. Has Started Making Bad Decisions

We all know about the fight between Apple & FBI, as the issue is currently exhausting most of Apple’s resources and attention other giants are moving forward.

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Apple's New Policy For Damged Iphones

It’s been a while since apple has been buy damaged products in exchange for credit from it’s customers.The reason for buying damaged products was to repair them and sell them back in market under a banner “Refurbished”, these refurbished goods are so to speak are second hand and were damaged(at one point) but are repaired to it’s fully functionality status and resold and cut-price. 203 more words


Apple's Off-Shore Tech. Development Centre In India

Following in the foot steps of Tech. giants Google & Microsoft, Apple has decided to enter the territory of India. It’s been believed that Apple will open it’s Technology Development Center some time in June, 2016 which is hoped to be fully functional by the end of the year. 244 more words