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  1. Non-responsive Home Button Re-calibration
    1. Hold the Power Button on top right edge of the device until Turn-off Screen appears
    2. Hold the Home Button until the screen returns to the menu screen…
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Why do you get a tiny browser pops up when you connect your iPhone to Guest network

>Apple has designed the ios devices in such a way that whenever you connect your iphone to a captive portal designed wifi network they bring it to your notice by popping up a tiny browser  that you have to authenticate to get on internet. 149 more words


Apple iOS 10.2 Is Causing New Problems

Sticking to your guns is often seen as a good thing, but sometimes it can do more harm than good. Especially when it means persisting with a mundane process in full knowledge that it will cause new problems… 677 more words

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Here's How Apple Plans to Combat iCloud Spam

Apple has a plan to stop spam from targeting its iCloud Calendar service.

The tech giant has started to roll out a new feature that will allow users to report spam when they find it in their iCloud calendars. 363 more words


Nintendo's Super Mario Run to make iPhone debut on Dec. 15, first time iconic character appears on mobile

Nintendo Co. will release Super Mario Run worldwide for Apple Inc.’s iPhone and iPad on Dec. 15 in U.S. time zones, a highly anticipated launch that has a high bar for success after this summer’s Pokemon Go phenomenon. 463 more words

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Apple Is Updating One Of The Most Useful Emojis And People Aren't Very Happy

Imagine the riots in the streets if Apple one day decided to delete the poop or eggplant emoji, the way Disney used to (still does?) retire home video releases into the Vault. 429 more words

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