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How to install Windows 10 on VMware Fusion

We’ll start this blog with something quite simple in my opinion….

I’ll cover installing VMware Fusion in another guide at some point then link it here. 362 more words

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Apple MacBook (2017)

Full disclosure: I’ve had a strong affinity for the 12-inch MacBook since it was originally introduced in 2015. Sure, it was underpowered and had an annoyingly flat keyboard. 1,188 more words



Matianak adalah roh purba yang dipercaya berbentuk perempuan. Matianak sangat jahat, dan dipercaya akan hadir di dunia untuk menimbulkan goro-goro (kekacauan).

Matianak bergentayangan mencari korban manusia. 61 more words

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Inside Mansour's Mac

Friday 16th June 2017, 10.55am (day 2,122)

Have been a Mac owner for nigh on a decade now but realised today I had never before seen inside one — this realisation coming about when my student Mansour turned up in my office and started dismantling his, for reasons that are too unnecessarily complex to reveal here. 21 more words

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iMac MyMac

16 years after birth I found this beautiful 2001 iMac G3.
If you are patient, you can reach most dreams, I’ve wanted one of these since their launch!

Cybercrime: it's inevitable

Cybercrime is always in the news and it now seems to be a matter of not if you get attacked, but when.

Someone who deals in insurance was telling us that insurance policies will soon take this into account — not the level of protection a business has, but its disaster recovery. 864 more words

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Mac design decline: The solution staring Apple down

I no longer perceive Apple as an innovator.

And I no longer believe they are at the top of the heap with respect to creating products their customers crave. 812 more words

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