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Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where Uma OD’d on heroin then Travolta smashes the injection into her chest and zing boom she comes back to life. 278 more words


They say once you go Apple you never go back..

It’s never been something I have ever thought to question. Will I ever go back from Apple ? I don’t know. If you asked me a year ago I would say never. 329 more words


Where to chill other then Starbucks?

Whether you’re a freelancer, student, avid reader, people watcher, yummy mummy or coffee addict chances are at some point, Starbucks has been your hangout spot of choice. 266 more words


New retro RPG coming to Commodore, Mac and PC

An exciting new 8-bit retro role-playing game (RPG) has been announced for WIndows PC’s, Apple Macs and classic Commodore 64/128 home computers.

Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous, 366 more words


Quick Bytes News - January 2017

Spammed Again?

To me SPAM is a response to success, and rather as in nature the  success I mention is like that of when a successful system becomes established that enables a species to improve on their prospects. 1,164 more words

IT Advice

The Evolution of Social Media

I believe it is important to analyse the origins of social media, so that we can see it’s potential in the coming years, and retrieve an educated idea as to how this will effect us as people, as consumers, as digital marketers and more! 431 more words

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