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Apple Computer Slow with AccountSD High CPU Usage and Fans Spinning Fast

You may notice that your Apple MacBook or iMac computer is running slow, the fans are spinning very fast, and the Activity Monitor (found inside of Applications > Utilities) indicates very high CPU usage for the accountsd process. 151 more words

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Here's Why Apple Makes the Best Windows Computer

Apple computers have the ability to run Windows, Linux, and Apple operating systems. Here are some reasons why purchasing an Apple laptop or desktop computer is a good decision for Windows users. 299 more words

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First Impression: OSX 10.11 El Capitan Beta

“There’s more to love with every click.” Last June 8, Apple revealed the new OSX, version 10.11, entitled El Capitan. With Apple embedding the new graphics core technology, Metal, OSX El Capitan looks stunning, especially on the retina display of your MacBook, MacBook Pro and 27-inch iMac. 707 more words

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Why Microsoft Cannot Run OSX BUT Apple Can Run Microsoft Windows

Simple answer – Microsoft are predominantly and historically a software manufacturer, whilst Apple are both a hardware and software manufacturer.

Apple OSX is propriety software, which is copyrighted (and probably trademarked and patented) by Apple. 393 more words

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Apple Yosemite Remove Icon from Dock

In previous versions of Apple OS X, users would mistakenly remove items from the dock when clicking on them.

As the icon would move up a smidgen, it would suddenly and without notice pull off the dock and “poof” disappear. 98 more words

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Migrating Favorites/Bookmarks From Windows to Apple Mac

If you’re a user of Internet Explorer on Windows and moving to Apple, follow these instructions to get your Favorites/Bookmarks moved over.

Google Cloud Solution… 227 more words

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Apple OSX Mavericks : Power to desktop

Tech Giant, Apple recently launched its “OSX Mavericks” : Power to desktop. Its MAC OS on which apple is made having UNIX as base. All engineering hard work make a well known this one OS as most popular now a days. 72 more words