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Ah-Mazing Apple Pie

I have no memories of growing up smelling grandmas amazing apple pie, but I do have memories of my grandmas fire peach cobbler at thanksgiving! I didn’t grow up with one of those abc family channel lives but I had a pretty good childhood. 625 more words

Upside Down Apple Pecan Pie

Apple pie and pecan pie, well let’s just throw it all up in the air and call it upside down apple pecan pie. I like this pie because it has all the notes of southern pecan pie, but the apple really tones down the sweetness and brings in a fresh note to it. 211 more words

Apple pie with homegrown apples

One of Melissa’s (my daughter) creations, she just loves to bake. This apple pie was made from scratch using apples (homegrown), currents, almond nuts and othe basic ingredients. It was delicious!

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Book Review: The City Baker's Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller

Louise Miller’s debut novel, The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living, is a hit. After a baking disaster at a club in Boston, Olivia Rawlings flees the scene and escapes to her best friend’s small town, Guthrie, Vermont. 362 more words


This apple pie is so easy to make. We are going to use a top quality store bought apple pie crust, so it is only the filling that we have to prepare. 287 more words


Apple Pie

My Husband just baked an apple pie. He’s so cute.

Hopefully this is our new coffee hang out when they open. It’s super close to us.


Welcome To The Award Ceremony!

We’re excited to have our filmmakers and screenwriters join us for our festival, and more so at the upcoming award ceremony!

When attending, we’d like to remind everyone that the film screenings are… 265 more words

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