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Apple Pie and Salted Caramel Hamantashen

It’s that time of year again! That time when kids set off fireworks non-stop, that time when every girl is a princess and every boy is a ninja, that time when something cool and awesome better make its way to me wrapped up in a bow. 784 more words


Cinnamon Apple Pie

Apple pies often make you think of your childhood … for that inviting smell that pervades the atmosphere. :-) And cinnamon adds that pungent taste to the purity of ¬†apples and makes them even more yummy ! 158 more words

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Strawberries, Blueberries, and Apples! Oh Pie!

One of the best compliments to a summer picnic or barbecue is an old-fashioned fruit pie. I know I said summer and I’m posting this in February, but who’s reading this anyway? 183 more words

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Apple Pie Cheesecake!

Getting ready for my favorite holiday. A flower, turkey, and half apple pie half Cheesecake! Can’t wait for the final results!


Walk with me Wednesday

The fine Pacific Northwest weather of spring-like sunny days in the 60s is coming to a close. Rain will be moving in later this afternoon. Snow is predicted for the mountains – a good thing since the snow pack is only 7% of normal! 279 more words

Walk With Me Wednesday

Breakfast Treat

Oftentimes, I will post pics to my Facebook or Instagram account of desserts or delicious dishes that have proven to be a success. If it looks good, tastes scrumptious, and my man raves over it ¬†– then it’s a SUCCESS! 321 more words


Recipe: Apple-pie-oatmeal

I started eating porridge/oatmeal a few years ago when I was just diagnosed with ADHD and I didn’t eat very well, mostly because this way I could get a lot of nutrients and calories in so I would at least have a baseline during the day, since I would normally ‘forget’ to eat until dinner or something. 266 more words