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Brown's turns a classic meal into a gourmet delight

1. I was served free EXTRA crackling

2. Forget a side of apple sauce, you get a side of apple pie!

Brown’s Restaurant is known and loved by many. 85 more words

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How eloquent the pie,

sublime the chocolate thrilling,

effusive the buttery crumb

and dainty pastry frilling!

In sweet and wordless voice

they join in birthday fuss… 39 more words


Puff the Hard Working French Paste

Puff pastry is one of the many culinary foods that has a hundred steps, takes too long and is so complicated that it’s no wonder the French love it, at least it doesn’t have extra letters in its name, right? 2,032 more words

Apple pie

An Apple pie is a Pie or a Tart, in which the principal filling ingredient is Apple. It is, on occasion, served with whipped cream or ice cream on top, or alongside cheddar cheese. 188 more words


My Favorite Apple Pie

I’ve made pumpkin, peach, strawberry and chicken pot pie, but I think the #1 favorite is definitely apple pie! Greg loves apple pie above all kinds, I love it, and friends and family are very excited when I bring an apple pie to a gathering. 529 more words


This weekend brought me to Amsterdam – the city of canals, bikes, and other things I’m sure you’ve already thought of. Although a beautiful city with fascinating architecture, the mix of the good and not-so-great moments left me slightly uncertain as to how I feel about Amsterdam. 1,353 more words

Just like Grandma's Apple Pie

Why did the apple cross the road?

To get made into a pie

…that joke crumbled

Ok, you may be skeptical thinking “Just as good as Grandma’s? 242 more words