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Eve's Pudding with Dates

There seems to have been some procrastination this week and getting around to deciding what recipe to post has taken longer than usual. Thankfully looking through some old photographs gave me the push I needed and coming across this image of an apple hanging from a tree… … 453 more words


Autumn Baked Bramley Apples with Spiced Blueberry

I love nothing more than getting off the bus after a day at work, climbing over the railway footbridge and back down the other side to my haven. 286 more words

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Easy-to-make Apple Pudding! (Apfelauflauf)

Today I would like to introduce one of my favorite dessert recipes that I learned from Aldi Süd, the German supermarket chain!

It is called as… 403 more words

Living In Munich

Sticky Apple Slice

Sticky Apple Slice

The aromatic spices of cinnamon and nutmeg make this Sticky Apple Slice a lovely autumnal treat. It’s quick and easy to make and the apple pieces give the cake a brilliant saccharine sticky quality. 274 more words


Benjamin Franklin's Apple Pudding

Like many eighteenth-century recipes, Benjamin Franklin’s instructions for making apple pudding don’t offer a lot of detail, just enough to inspire certainty that the end result would be inedible by twentieth-century standards. 1,418 more words

The Benjamin Franklin Diet

“A Full Belly is the Mother of all Evil,” Benjamin Franklin counselled the readers of his 1743 edition of Poor Richard’s Almanack. For some mysterious reason this aphorism hasn’t had the sticking power of some of the inventor’s more famous sayings, like “he who lies down with dogs shall rise up with fleas,” or “fish and visitors stink in three days.”  Most of us are more inclined to see a full belly as one of life’s blessings. 1,136 more words