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Trump’s corporate tax-cut pitch falls flat in Silicon Valley

”Republican Donald Trump is proposing a big tax cut for companies like Apple Inc., which would see its tax rate slashed on about $200 billion of profit it keeps offshore,” Lynnley Browning reports for Bloomberg. 736 more words


Trader: Apple stock could be set for a 15% surge

”Traders with an eye on Apple may wonder when one of the biggest companies in the world may become over-bought,” Rebecca Ungarino reports for CNBC. 143 more words


See How Rich You'd Be If You'd Invested In Apple Instead of Having a Child

In the off chance you want to know how rich you’d be if you’d invested in Apple instead of raising a child, you can.

WhatIfIBoughtAppleInstead is a website that invites parents to enter their child’s birth month, their family income, and whether they paid for their child’s college education. 428 more words


Analyst bemoans lack of iPhone 7 'redesign,' predicts unit sales decline of 6.4% YOY

”Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 7 in September, and rumors of an extremely minor hardware update have spurred least one bearish research firm to ratchet down its sales predictions,” JP Mangalindan reports for Yahoo Finance. 310 more words


Apple CEO Tim Cook presses for U.S. corporate tax reform, says no repatriation without fair rate

The Washington Post‘s Jena McGregor sat down with Apple CEO Tim Cook in a wide-ranging interview that touched on the issue of corporate taxes: 999 more words


Apple short interest surges by over 6 million shares

”With a modestly positive earnings report behind them, skeptics about Apple Inc. have increased the number of shares of the stock sold short by 6.4 million to 50.9 million, an increase of almost 15% for the period that ended July 29,” Douglas A. 85 more words


Donald Trump plan calls for cuts in corporate taxes, personal income tax rates

”Donald Trump called Monday for a ‘tax revolution’ modeled on the vision of Ronald Reagan that would slash income tax rates, cut corporate taxes and create millions of jobs for a new era of prosperity,” Daniel Halper and Bob Fredericks report for The New York Post. 618 more words