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For rational people, iPhone 8 demand should not be a concern

”Reports of delays in Apple’s iPhone X production, combined with seemingly weak demand for iPhone 8, have put investors somewhat on edge,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. 412 more words


Apple stock drops after Rogers CEO says iPhone 8/Plus demand 'anemic'

”Apple Inc’s shares fell nearly 3 percent on Thursday on signs of weak demand for the iPhone 8 that caused analysts and investors to question the company’s staggered release strategy for its latest phones,” Supantha Mukherjee reports for Reuters. 213 more words


Dow Jones hits record high, continues surge since Donald Trump was elected

While the Dow Jones has been on an upward tick for years now, it has been soaring since U.S. President Donald Trump won the election as evidenced by Wednesday’s record-breaking finish above 23,000. 408 more words


Investors Are Betting That Apple Can't Grow

Apple views itself as a fabulous growth machine, the fount that will pour forth the most innovative, best-selling products in tech for years to come. Investors have a starkly different take. 599 more words


Apple's Shares Tumble Following Bad Apple Watch Series 3 Reviews

Apple shares took a hit on Wednesday following bad reviews of the Apple Watch Series 3, a new smartwatch that investors had hoped would be a big seller. 213 more words


Apple’s iPhone X event: What the analysts are saying

”Excerpts from the analysts’ notes I’ve seen,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Apple 3.0. “More as they come in, newest on top.”

A couple samples:

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Apple: Disappointment is coming

”The moment everyone has been waiting for is nearly here. Tomorrow, Apple will hold a media event where we will see the largest iPhone reveal since the company launched the phone 10 years ago,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. 508 more words