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The Regent Street Apple store is the second largest in the world (Dubai, London, Sydney and Boston are the top four).  Hi-tech architecture is a feature of all the stores.   19 more words


Apple Watch Hermès Series 3 band collection features a new model: the Médor band

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to make your list and check it twice. Apple and luxury brand Hermes have partnered up to launch a new Hermès-branded band for the Apple Watch, called Médor. 107 more words

Nerisa Eugenia Waterman

The lines for the iPhone X show that best might be yet to come for Apple

It was still dark out when I left to pick up my iPhone.

When I got off the subway at Apple’s very under-construction flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, I couldn’t see any lines. 803 more words

Apple's retail chief has rallied the troops: Do not upsell the iPhone X

We’re days away from the launch of the iPhone X, but Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior VP in charge of retail, isn’t training employees in hard sales techniques. 229 more words

People Have Finally Figured Out That They Don't Need To Wait In Line For An iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has been with us for ten years now, and Apple fans have gradually come to realize an important truth. No, not anything about iPhones themselves: They’ve come to realize that they don’t need to actually wait in line overnight on release day to get a device. 416 more words

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Apple Set To Announce Terms And Conditions For Visitors To New "Town Centers"

For immediate release: Apple Inc., despite apparent failure of Face ID in iPhone X demo, announces its intention to go full 1984.  Visitors to Town Centers will be subject to compliance with all OS Human Interface Guidelines, 2017 Edition, according to which any negative thoughts regarding the new introductory price points and inadequacies of RAM storage will be punished subliminally via deep-techstate thought control.   95 more words

Even an Apple store can’t prevent the death of a US mall

The American mall is dying, and not even Apple can save it.

While more brick-and-mortar stores are projected to close this year than during the 2008 recession, Apple remains the world’s most profitable retailer; according to… 276 more words