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Intel's Dubious Plan to Take Over TV

When Intel lifted the veil from its stealthy media division in February, many outsiders scratched their heads. Why was the chip manufacturer, which has tried and failed to sell consumer products before, trying to launch a TV service, one of the trickiest consumer markets of all? Computer

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New Apple TV will be coming soon, FCC filing suggests

Filings from the Federal Communication Commission have revealed the existence of a new Apple product with a model number that doesn’t correspond to anything in the lineup. 320 more words


Apple's new tvOS 10 release is an essential Apple TV upgrade

”Apple has upgraded its tvOS software with tvOS 10, which ushers in all the promised improvements we talked about here: smarter Siri searches; Dark Mode; Single Sign-on; Photos and Music app improvements along with some smaller improvements,” Jonny Evans writes for About.com. 185 more words

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My New Fall TV Shows

For the record, this is not about what new fall TV shows I will be watching because I honestly do not have the time or patience to do that during the school year. 595 more words


Twitter Taking Strides to Compete With Other Streaming Services

Last week, I discussed the changes the NFL and it’s partners were making in order to fit into the ever-expanding world of streaming media. In that post, I mentioned how Twitter out-bid other marquee streaming services for the rights to… 451 more words


Apple TV, 4th generation

Apple has been developing their television offerings in multiple fronts: in one sense, much television content and viewers have already moved into Apple (and Google) platforms, as online video and streaming media keeps on growing in popularity. 389 more words

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⓱features - Turning on Apple TV's New 'Dark Mode' with Only ONE Button Press

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

~Arthur C. Clarke, “Profiles of The Future”, 1961

Here’s a little Apple TV and Siri magic…

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