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Siri from the home screen vs security (you can't have both)

The reason we all go through the faff of using a fingerprint or a typing a four or six digit code into our iPhones every time we want to use them is to keep the information they store safe, right?

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Τον Απρίλιο ανοίγουν τα νέα “διαστημικά” γραφεία της Apple

Με επίσημη ανακοίνωση η Apple μας ενημέρωσε ότι τα νέα “διαστημικά” γραφεία της θα υποδεχθούν τους πρώτους υπαλλήλους της τον Απρίλιο.


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Unexpected shutdown of iPhones got fixed with 10.2.1 version

The top smartphone manufacturing released it’s latest iOS update 10.2.1 towards the end of last month. This update is expected to fix one of the major bug issue as per the company. 98 more words

Al Gore just sold $29 million of Apple stock (AAPL)

Former US Vice President Al Gore sold 215,437 shares of Apple this week at an average price of $136.72 per share — a transaction netting him about $29.4 million.  49 more words