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Freeze!! Why do Computers Freeze?

This might be the most annoying thing to any computer user! When a PC freezes, most users think of all sorts of things and utter all sorts of curse words.   297 more words


Apple Support

Apple Support Rocks

Saturday March 27 approximately 1:00 PM … sanity is restored

It may be a while before this posts, that is, between now and when I finish it. 415 more words


The fingerprint sensor for iPhone 8 will be built into the screen

Digitimes said in a new report, citing some sources, that Apple will integrate the fingerprint sensor into the screen on the iPhone 8, based on light sensors. 116 more words


My smartwatch has no app store, hardly any functionality, and I absolutely love it

Smartwatches are becoming more popular than ever. Some of the top manufacturers of smartwatches include Apple, Samsung, and LG. According to AppleInsider, 6.8 million smartwatches were sold in 2014 at an average price of $189. 638 more words


A 5G iPhone? Apple files FCC application for tests

Apple appears to be in the very early stages of readying a 5G-capable iPhone. The company filed an application for an “experimental radio service (other than broadcast)” with the Federal Communications Commission, to conduct wireless tests in two locations. Read more at USA Today.


Apple’s gift to schools: Free app development curriculum

Apple is creating a new curriculum designed to teach mobile app development to high school and college students with little to no prior coding experience. The price: Free. Read more at USA Today.

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