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Texas waiter receives $500 tip for his act of kindness

Little Elm’s Kasey Simmons was working his usual shift at Applebee’s when he had a customer order the cheapest thing on the menu: flavored water worth just $0.37. 189 more words

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Food Rant - Casual dining + fine-dining trends

This is my first food rant, but probably not the last…some things in the food industry drive. me. crazy.

My best friend and I had nothing to cook in the house, there was a torrential downpour outside and we didn’t want to go grocery shopping. 427 more words

Waiter tipped $500 for act of kindness

DALLAS, TX (CNN) – Kasey Simmons loves to make people smile. But Tuesday, the 32-year-old waiter was the one beaming.

A customer at the Dallas-area Applebee’s restaurant where he works left him an unforgettable tip. 244 more words



As the subject of recent culinary trauma, I felt I needed a bit of a safe option for a meal. Hence we decided on Applebys.  Hopefully no surprises here as no polling agencies were involved (unlike *cough* Brexit) but the general commentary seems to regard it favourably. 18 more words



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hey so this is my first attempt to make a stop motion thing haha. It’s just me and some friends going to get some cheesecake then trying to go to a hockey game but the car died so we had to switch cars then the hockey game was… 7 more words

Annual Report Unveils Worst Restaurant Menu Items

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Planning on going out for dinner?

If you’re watching your waistline, there are meals you’ll definitely want to avoid.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest released its annual Xtreme Eating report. 140 more words