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Three Cool Drinks to Flavor Your Summer

Three Cool Drinks to Flavor Your Summer

Hey, everyone! Here in the south, the weather is becoming steadily more summer-like as we leave the moody and grey winter behind us. 253 more words


5 Colonizers Who Got Their A**es Handed To Them For Trying To Police Black And Brown Folks

Living life while Black is dangerous in America. However, every once in a while, when white people are feeling their colonizer roots, their hatred backfires. Of course we always need epic amounts of proof like video and eye witnesses, but it is a hug from baby Jesus when karma claps back at these racists. 742 more words


Friday Fun {5-11}

-Work has been crazy busy this week. My boss is finally back from vacation so things are kicking up a notch (or 12!). I try and keep track of tidbits to share on Friday’s post, but this one might be a little light (and hence the reason it’s posted so late in the day). 397 more words


608. Wednesday 11th May 2018. Chicago, Buffalo and Niagara Falls...

Monday 7th May

I managed to sleep until 8.30am. We plugged in our phones and computer and logged onto WiFi to advise our Niagara Falls hotel we would be a day late and to reduce our booking to one night. 1,877 more words

163 Applebee's Locations in Jeopardy as Large Franchise Files for Bankruptcy

Atlanta GA (SN) – Like a heavy set sixty-eight year old man arriving home from a night full of jalapeno poppers, a pint of spinach artichoke dip, and seventeen 20 oz Coor’s Banquet beers from Applebee’s, the very franchise in play may be finding themselves “belly up.” 261 more words

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The Late Guest

He walked in around 4 am.

He looked tired, of course.

He told me the name of the company he was working for that his reservation was under. 368 more words