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Sushi party 

15 years ago when I was pregnant with Jacob we joined a birth and babies class through the hospital. For the first year after the babies were born most of us got together weekly for a baby group, we did baby swimming lessons together, and we had a massive baby’s first birthday party. 135 more words

Moments - Part II

I discreetly studied Michael over the top of my cards as our Apples to Apples game progressed. I know that he is a man of integrity, but – as our friendship deepens – I have been trying to keep my heart in check until I am able to determine how important his faith is to him. 436 more words


Moments - Part I

What do you believe about coincidences? Are they truly spontaneous ironies of chance, or are they farther reaching, pre-ordained orchestrations meant to rekindle our childlike sense of awe? 490 more words


Dan and Hannah Hike the Buttermilk Falls Trail in Ithaca, New York

Ever been to the town of Ithaca in central New York?  Back in the early 80s, Hannah and I ventured there to visit her brother Doug and his new bride Becky.  930 more words


Free Write Idea Using Apples to Apples

I believe writing is something that demands practice. To become a better writer, one must practice writing and reading frequently. It doesn’t matter if what you write isn’t the most brilliant thing in the world. 607 more words

Apples To Apples

Day 5: Road Trip Even Closer to the North Pole

After waking up a bit hungover from celebrating our completion of the run, I needed to pull myself together just enough to get all of my things into Thorunn’s tiny car. 790 more words

At Least They Like Game Night

I’m rethinking what I do with The Kids during the summer after these gems from tonight’s round of Apples to Apples:

First came this entry from The Boy: 30 more words