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November 24, 2016: Apples to Apples

On Thanksgiving, we participated in a heavily competitive game of Apples to Apples.  

  • If you’ve never played, for each round, one person is the judge, who lays down a card with an adjective on it.  
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Apples to Apples for the ESL Classroom

I was introduced to Apples to Apples a couple of years ago at my good friends the Mahar’s house. They had a regular version of the game and we played it with some college students who were staying at their home. 323 more words

Places And Facts

Those who live in glass castles .....

What a mouth on this one.

I really don’t have a problem with any person expressing themselves however they see fit. But for sure, theoretically it sure isn’t ladylike (if such a creature still exists). 257 more words

Bad Choice

Community: Kinderperfect and Parents Night In!

I mentioned in my last post that I had a fun Sunday evening with some of the ladies from my moms group. We got together for a Moms Night in Game Night that led to lots of laughs, getting to know each other better, and an all around fabulous night! 709 more words


4th October 2016

It was a quiet night, thanks to illness, work and other commitments.  There were still enough of us to split into two small groups, the first of which settled down to play… 2,676 more words

Games Night


So, Stan and I left for the last travel leg of our journey back East dogless.
In hindsight, I’m very glad that we left Annie with her sister. 446 more words

Party Game Review - "The Voting Game"

There’s nothing like playing a board or card game to see the true side of your friends, and now there’s a new game making its way about the party zeitgeist. 302 more words