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★★★★☆ Apples to Apples; a creative word game where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.

Buy this game if: you’re looking for a highly creative fun party/word game that gets everyone involved.


  1. Everyone gets to participate on every turn.
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A few years ago, my friend Maria and I made up our very own dictionary. The last time we were together, we were reminiscing about this and ended up creating another one. 390 more words


Sunday Coffee Date [Thanksgiving Edition, #56]

Feed toast and coffee! MMMM

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would say, “Happy Thanksgiving!” I went back to South Dakota and my sisters were home as well. 494 more words

Perishable Item

Sushi party 

15 years ago when I was pregnant with Jacob we joined a birth and babies class through the hospital. For the first year after the babies were born most of us got together weekly for a baby group, we did baby swimming lessons together, and we had a massive baby’s first birthday party. 135 more words


Moments - Part II

I discreetly studied Michael over the top of my cards as our Apples to Apples game progressed. I know that he is a man of integrity, but – as our friendship deepens – I have been trying to keep my heart in check until I am able to determine how important his faith is to him. 436 more words


Moments - Part I

What do you believe about coincidences? Are they truly spontaneous ironies of chance, or are they farther reaching, pre-ordained orchestrations meant to rekindle our childlike sense of awe? 490 more words