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Apples to Apples: Surprise at the Core of Three Great Books

My daughter Abby has the unique gift of comparing humans to animals. She studies a person, then comes up with the best animal comparison ever. She’s spot on every time, sending us into howls of laughter. 444 more words


Lesson 11

Here’s the update for our last class before the Christmas break!

Today, we had a look at two wintry poems. We identified interesting verbs in a poem about snow and then read the great classic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ which you can see… 162 more words


The Unschooled Lens - Week 46

Building puzzles is an almost daily activity around here.

Our entire week has been dominated by board and card games. This morning I found them already in the midst of a game of Uno when I got up. 74 more words


What a city in the mountains can teach you about Vision

Many of us are stuck in the weeds when we should be climbing peaks.

This is YOUR Time

Most business owners spend their time putting out fires which leads to missed opportunities. 8 more words

Apples To Apples

Three things to do TODAY to get your life in check

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What Will You Sacrifice for Success?

Recently I had a meeting with a colleague and he said something that really hit home. 420 more words

Apples To Apples

Updates and Special Invitation from Dan

Thanks for being connected to me. I don’t use email often and just realized that I have a number of things in the works that you might be interested in. 50 more words
Apples To Apples

Shipwrecked Kickstarter Launch!

I’m Lead Artist for this gorgeous game, the first game from the inventor of Apples to Apples in more than a decade!

It’s a joy to be working with such an accomplished team. 493 more words

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