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Antique Apple Pie

Who’s ready for some pie?

I am! In honor of #NationalPieWeek and the upcoming Gravenstein Apple Fair on August 8 & 9th, thought I share a taste of old Americana with a special pie made from heirloom apples growing in my yard.  936 more words


For the Love of Language

Grammar Nazis.

We all know one. That friend whom the greengrocer constantly offends with his wandering apostrophes. That friend whom, at the mere mention of the word “apple’s”, withdraws from the abhorrence and insanity of it all by descending into the quiet perfection of a corrected sentence. 730 more words


Peach Picking Begins with 26 Jars of Whoopass and a $10 Special on 'Creek Crates.

DEAR FARM FANS:  Everybody’s great.  Everyone gets a trophy.  As it is in life, so it is on the farm.  But peach season has begun and, truth be told, some of you will come out ahead while some of you will end up sulky.  533 more words

Crop Alerts & Farm Buzz

Cooking for Happy Mommies

I like to cook and I flex my cooking muscles whenever possible but one thing I’ve remembered during my walk in motherhood is… although I love my child that he isn’t made of diamonds and it’s ok to give him peanut butter and jelly for lunch. 9 more words


How do you like them apples?

Apples.  One of the most prevalent fruits we enjoy here in the States (thanks to their 17th Century “migration” from Central Asia), but have you ever stopped to think how awesome they really are… whether they be a desert in a school kid’s lunch bag, baked in a pie, squeezed into a juice, fermented into a hard cider, or whatever they do to make apple butter..?  77 more words