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スライス林檎が、貼り付いている?(笑)なぜ? それにしても、お主、器用に、食べるの~。 二本足で座って、ちゃんと、手で持って。 お主、役者に、ならぬか?きっと、人気者になるぞ。舞台上で、コジャレな着物を着て、林檎を、上手に食べる、レッサーパンダとして。どうだ?いい案だろ?

毎日、遊びが飽きないようです。 (^•ᆺ⃘•)ฅ

レッサーパンダを飼いたいよ♪ 可愛いよね(〃’▽’〃)


Celeriac and apple soup

The weather here, has turned. We had a good stint of glorious sun and calm spring days and now we are back to sun/wind/rain/hailstones and sun again, all a bit topsy turvy. 463 more words


Produce for a Healthy Smile

I had some work done on a tooth today and I have a new commitment to taking care of them – and teaching my kids to do the same. 120 more words


Okanagan apples could be destined for India

KELOWNA – Okanagan apples could be destined for India if efforts by a Kelowna city councillor are successful.

Mohini Singh is leading the charge to start exporting local apples to the world’s second most populous country. 334 more words


Food Sleuth Radio Interview

This PRX radio interview took place last year and was released in March 2015. Some things have changed (like not currently having a farm in Virginia…) but it’s a nice listen overall.