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Manga Monday- Appleseed

Appleseed  is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. The series follows the adventures of ESWAT members Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires in Olympus. 277 more words

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A seed is a question
that knows its own
ready to be told;
is a parchment
that’s written its own
history—all there—
ready to unfold; 30 more words


The Road to War

As a result of Great Britain winning the Seven Year’s War (also known as the French and Indian War in America), France ceded its territory east of the Mississippi river to Great Britain. 770 more words

Shooting Sports

Shell Bound : Masamune Shirow - "Black Magic"

A fully-decked warrior points out to his comrades in arms, who are about to be deployed from a military helicopter: “We’re soldiers, not philosophers.” That’s from Masamune Shirow’s  1983 debut,”Black Magic.” It’s the standard intro to any number of action scenes  in movies, novels, and graphic novels: assorted mercenaries bantering and bonding over the noise of the chopper’s rotors. 195 more words

Fantasy/ Sci-Fi

Appleseed Writing Project Attends Conferences

On Thursday, November 17th, several members of the AWP’s Leadership Team attended the National Writing Project’s Annual Meeting; from Friday, November 18th until Sunday, November 20th, they attended the NCTE Conference. 82 more words

Kiznaiver theme performers Boom Boom Satellites' Michiyuki Kawashima passes away

Michiyuki Kawashima, who made up one half of Boom Boom Satellites on vocals and guitar, passed away on Sunday, October 9th. He’d been living with partial paralysis after a fourth brain tumour relapse. 295 more words


Baby Hillin #2 | 5 Weeks

Now that all of our family knows, I can start posting updates for the new baby! I don’t know that I’ll be doing weekly updates again because life with a toddler is crazy but I’m gonna shoot for maybe every three weeks this time? 676 more words