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maze hunter

I made a game in processing called maze hunter, the goal is to locate all of the gems in the level without being caught by the zombie that chases you, featuring 10 levels, multiplayer mode, powerups, a basic level editor, and an easter egg. 18 more words



I built an application that displays a random web of points that moves around the screen, and slowly morphs in to a circle when the screen is clicked… 8 more words


Outdated Java Technologies

Many things are outdated and better alternatives exist. 548 more words


Problems with Java 8u45 and Chrome 42+

Since CW 16 a new Java update causes problems with GeoMedia Smart Client and the applets. 305 more words


Passing Parameters to Applets in java

       Parameters passing is an very important in any context and is same in the case of java applets also. The tag is used to pass the parameters to the applet tag. 119 more words


Applets for beginners

Here are some applets that will allow beginners to familiarize themselves with abalone.

They have a rather low level, except for the last one, which has a decent level. 69 more words

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