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Testing Smartforms with the Smartform tester in K2 4.7

There are a number of Smartform testing tools currently on the market to allow developers to test their Smartforms. But in 4.7 there is something hidden away that is just dying to be played with. 934 more words


Important Cybersecurity Terminology for DevOps Teams

Without thinking twice, mixing devops and cybersecurity is really tough to do. The goal of devops is going as fast as you can, while in security, we are taught to proceed with caution. 924 more words


Application development - Stage 04

I have started some basic sketches for the layout of the app. For the first draft, I have decided to keep the interface tight to the borders of the phone screen, as there needs to be a lot of room in the middle of the screen for a preview of the video that the user will be editing. 160 more words

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Top Indian Based Mobile App Development Companies.


Mobile Apps Development Companies In India

As a company dedicated to services inside the IT sector, Brill Mindz has centered itself as an entire of decision in a couple of science central domains. 80 more words


This Blog is Originally posted on Cooperative Computing.

There are techno geeks who write codes and develop software for the fulfillment of their passion. And then there are smarter techno geeks who turn their passion into a business venture. 230 more words

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Challenges of Introducing DevOps

Recently I’ve worked with a number of clients who are enthusiastic to start introducing DevOps practices into their organisations. DevOps has definitely gained a lot of momentum and buzz in recent times, and it’s been interesting to assist as organisations approach its introduction in different ways. 779 more words