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MS App :StepNow in C# (I)

I was about to create the Step Now app for the Android platform, but then I suddenly remembered I have neglected Microsoft Applications. Immediately tossing the phone away, I quickly ran to the desktop computer to start the coding journey. 266 more words

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Business Importance of LG WebOS Application Development

Web applications are responsible to make the system and devices more intelligent, thus, they are more frequent these days. They can also be designed for specific devices. 414 more words


Django for Scalable web application development

Over the past few years, the developments in the field of web applications have surpassed all expectations. The rate at which new web applications are launched in the market is not even believable. 568 more words

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Top 5 iOS App Development Companies in India

These days many companies and small businesses are developing innovative mobile applications that provide a good user experience and a new user interface. On the other hand, businesses these days require a feature rich mobile application that comes with features like mapping, geolocation, data capture and more. 458 more words

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Four Key Attributes of Wearable App Development

Wearable technology enables individuals to wear the wearable gadgets to track the information regarding health and fitness. These gadgets can be often named as fashion electronics, wearables, fashion gadgets, tech toys, etc. 358 more words



There are a few things that separate good from great, a fine line between just getting through, and being truly effective. This applies to almost anything, and especially web development. 704 more words

Top 5 Xamarin Development Companies Around the World

Businesses these days seek to hire Xamarin developers for the development of their mobile application. Xamarin application development is on the rise over the last few years because Xamarin is one of the most widely used and popular mobile platform. 402 more words

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